Union Jack Painted Trunk {tutorial plus before & after}

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I finally tackled this trunk that has been sitting in my garage since our July 4th trip to Lake Eufaula.  I had been waiting for it to talk to me, because sometimes a piece of furniture just speaks to you, and this one just hadn’t picked up the phone to tell me what to do with it. 

I just woke up one morning last week and the first thing on my mind was Union Jack… The process seemed a little intimidating because I couldn’t find any detailed instructions on any other blogs.  I will do my best to explain my process to you, but once you tackle this project, it’s not as hard as it seems, I promise!

1.  I cleaned the entire chest, inside and out, with Simple Green.

2.  I painted one coat of Simply White inside and out as well.

3.  I had printed out several pictures of Union Jack painted pieces and I also printed out this instructional article on How To Draw a Union Jack.   I taped off the design with Frog Tape.  It’s my personal fave.

Photo Source: Inspired By You

Here she is… All taped up and ready to be refunked!


  4. I used Maine Harbor Blue, and then a $3.00 sample of Behr from Home Depot for the Red, since CeCe’s new red paint colors won’t be debuting until late April.  I just had to paint one coat of the Maine Harbor Blue, but 2 coats of the Red.

I was done with this project in one day.  I usually wait a day to peel off the tape, but I was so excited I had to peel it off before I went to bed. 

Here is the finished piece!  I love her so! I put her in the store on Friday and I don’t think it has sold yet.  I thought it would fly off the shelf, but I realize that this bold piece isn’t for everyone.  It would make a great coffee table with storage inside or at the foot of the bed in a boy’s room.


I always tell myself if something doesn’t sell, then I will just keep it!  But it always sells so I never get to!  What do you think?  Is it too bold for the average family? 

Alli @ Refunk My Junk

+Allison Griffith is the owner of Refunk My Junk in Oklahoma City. A corporate drop out turned professional blogger, paint retailer, junk lover, public speaker, small business owner, bottom wiper, and president of her husbands fan club.

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