Tootin’ My Own Horn

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Nobody likes a bragasaurus , so I am a little embarrased to post this, but I just have to. 
I have been wanting to add some testimonials from past students of my workshops, just to show how much you learn and how fun they are.  Boy, was I blushing when I read these! 
So, without further delay, here is my horn, tootin’ away!
“So helpful!! I had been wanting to paint my dining table and chairs and did not know where to start, so when I discovered Allison was giving classes I enrolled and since then have painted several pieces. She shared so many great tips and sent home a folder that I still refer to. I am considering taking another class after the first of the year!!!”
Daphne – Binger, Ok
“Allison, I can’t say enough about the workshop!! I have created so many beauties and had so much fun. Your workshop was my springboard into a whole new approach to refinishing furniture. You gave us short cuts and shared your secrets. I love your blog and have learned so much from venturing out to the other blogs you follow.”
Dianna Johnston, CFOD (compulsive furniture obsessive disorder)
“Loved your class! Had a blast. I have “refunked” since taking your class and I used what I learned!”
Kelli – Oklahoma City, OK
“I absolutely loved your class. I have done several projects since my class and they turned out perfect. Thanks for teaching us all of your secrets.”
Dara – Edmond, OK
I swear none of these ladies were paid money, favors, and they are not family members or close personal friends!  Believe it or not, this is what they actually said!
Thank you Dara, Kelli, Daphne, & Dianna! 
Alli @ Refunk My Junk

+Allison Griffith is the owner of Refunk My Junk in Oklahoma City. A corporate drop out turned professional blogger, paint retailer, junk lover, public speaker, small business owner, bottom wiper, and president of her husbands fan club.

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2 Responses to Tootin’ My Own Horn

  • Anonymous says:

    Dear Allison ~ I think you're actually helping your customers and RefunkMyJunk community BY posting testimonials. It will help them feel comfortable to join the next workshop AND know what to expect. Nice words for nice people about a really nice person and business! ~ Red Dirt Kelly