Pottery Barn for Half the Price

Ugly Sofa
I wanted to share my recent score from UglySofa.com that I purchased for Axton for Christmas.  I am just so excited about it, I couldn’t keep it all to myself!  Who knew you could get Pottery Barn items half off?
So I had been planning on buying an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids, but there were two problems when I went online to place my order.
1.  They were sold out due to Christmas demand.
2.  Even if they had it in stock, they run $129.00 without monogramming or shipping.  Yes.
I get that it’s a chair, piece of furniture, from Pottery Barn, yada yada yada…  But still.  That seems high.  But I probably woulda paid it anyway, you know, because I really wanted it.
Then, like a stream of light from the heavens, I saw this post from my blogging buddy at How To Nest For Less and how she bought these Pottery Barn stockings for $5.00 from Uglysofa.com.  Five Dollars?  That’s more like it.
The whole premise of Uglysofa is that they sell all Pottery Barn overstocks, but for wayyyy less than what the real deal charges for it. So I purchased the Regular Sized Grass Green Ugly Where Chair for $59.00.
UglySofa says: “What do you get when you take an authentic “Brand X” Anywhere Chair slipcover and put some UglySak (our brand) Anywhere Chair foam inserts? It’s an Ugly-Where Chair!  The foam inserts are made of the same quality foam as the original inserts. We know this because George, our foam supplier, told us so. George has been in the foam business since the dawn of man, so we trust his assessment of qualities of foam. In fact, I think we’ll just refer to him as George (PATF) , the professor of all things foam (PATF). I’m sure he would like the title.
We vacuum pack these in order to squeeze them into a regular sized shipping box to save on shipping costs. When opening the package, please be aware that it will take a few days for the foam to return to its normal size. Shipping is a flat rate $15 within the lower 48 states.
Note the bold print above.  This was the only concern I had.  It arrived in a pretty small box on my front porch, but once I took it out, in a few days it was back to it’s normal size.  And yes, there was a Pottery Barn tag on the chair.  LEGIT.
So, I just had to share my half off find from PB.  It’s rude to keep secrets like this to yourself.
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