Learning to Let Go

First off, I want to let everyone know that this post is written by me, Hayden, not Allison.  I just want everyone to be clear so that no one is confused and questioning Allison.

This is just a glimpse into my life in the last couple of weeks.



Those are the first words I read last night out of my ‘Jesus Calling’ devotional book; and it hit me…and hit me hard.

Wednesday, July 9 I went in for my 17 week OB appointment to find out that there was no heart beat and our baby was gone.  I hadn’t mentioned it on the blog because this wasn’t our first time to experience this exact same thing at 17 weeks…actually it is our third time since 2011.  As I sat in the office all I could think was, “Surely God, not again…”  All of my plans gone in an instant….all I was holding on to so tightly.

I would say I’ve been holding on tightly since we lost our very first baby, a baby girl, back in July 2011.  Holding on tight to so much…my emotions, my wants and desires to get pregnant again, and to get pregnant right away.  It seemed like I was constantly praying that God would provide answers for our losses through chromosome testing and through blood work.  Praying that God would allow us to get pregnant again quickly.  And every time I prayed I could feel myself holding on so tightly to what I wanted so much.

But last night when I read that first sentence it was like God had spoken audibly to me saying, “Can you loosen your grip?  Can you just let go and let me?”  I would never say that I am a control freak.  Personally, I would much rather someone else make the decisions for me.  Someone just tell me what to do, and when to do it…and I’m fine.  But for some reason I am having a hard time letting go of this…something that I want so badly.

Funny thing is, when I let go,  I’m letting go to the God of the universe…the Creator, the Sustainer, my Heavenly Father.  He is the One who knows best and has the best path for me to walk down.  Why would I want to choose my way over His?  But yet, I so often do.

So, today my hands are open.  I still wait and pray for answers from doctors to explain why we don’t have our daughter and our two sons here to enjoy in this life.  And maybe I will never have answers.  I don’t know what today holds, not to mention next year or five years from now…”will we have another biological child?”…”will we adopt?”  There are so many questions…

      But today I choose to say, “God do what you will…what you want in my life because I trust you.”

I will still continue to pray that God will bless our family with another child, but I will choose daily to hold loosely.

Psalm 91:1-2

”  Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  This I declare about the LORD:  He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I TRUST HIM.”


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Levana Ayden™ Baby Video Monitor Review & Giveaway

Am I the only one who feels like a second pregnancy feels so much different then the first? I think I am a little bit older and wiser this time around – hence my persnickety attitude when it comes to selecting items for our baby registry. I know some people feel like it is in poor taste to have a baby shower for second, third, or even a sixth baby, but I think EVERY baby should be celebrated!

I don’t need much in terms of baby supplies since I saved most of the infant items from Axton but the one thing I knew would be on my must-have list was a new baby monitor. The one we used previously was a piece of JUNK. It had terrible reception, low battery life, a fuzzy screen, lots on interception, the list really goes on and on how much I loathed that monitor. I didn’t realize, until looking back, how much easier my level of anxiety and ability to work during his nap-times would have been if I had owned a quality baby monitor.

When Levana sent me their Ayden monitor to take for a test drive, for their “Do More Knowing Your Child Is Safe” campaign, I knew I wouldn’t be an easy customer to please. My standards this time around were sky high.

When I first opened the box I thought the instructions were missing because the manual is so simple. Seriously, three small pages. Now this is a monitor I can use! When small appliances come with a huge booklet for instructions I immediately feel overwhelmed. Plus, Levana gives you a free extended warranty when you fill out a survey about the monitor. Listening to Moms is Levana’s priority.​

All Levana monitors are digital and wireless, eliminating the risk of cord strangulation. The picture was so clear and no interference could be heard through the speaker. An awesome feature is the talk-to-baby intercom that can be used into the toddler years during the oh-so-fun transition in to a big-boy bed. The intercom doubles as a music player with 3 different lullabies to choose from.

The 3.5″ screen is full color and even has a temperature monitor. Seriously, all of the settings were so easy to navigate I had my 4-year old using it in no time. I am pretty sure he thinks it will be a walkie-talkie used solely for communicating with his new little brother.

I am so excited about the freedom a reliable baby monitor will give me this time around! Knowing your baby is safe and not having to worry about using an unreliable monitor is something no Mom wants to deal with. And now that Levana’s Ayden monitor has received my seal of approval now you can win one too! Enter in the widget below ( it takes a second to load so please be patient ) and give yourself the peace of mind and “Do More Knowing Your Child Is Safe”

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  This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Get a Shot. Give a Shot. with Walgreens

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers.  All opinions are mine alone.

Our little boy turned 4 years old last weeks! With birthdays to celebrate and Back to School around the corner immunizations are on my to-do list.  We had Axton’s annual well-check with his pediatrician and I was shocked to find out we have only been to see his pediatrician once this past year!  It’s about time I had a break after those first few years of being in the doctor’s office constantly with him!  He has grown 7 inches since his last visit!  Wow!


Along with all of the regular items on the pediatrician’s well-check list comes annual immunizations.  Can you tell someone is nervous?  I am usually not a parent to dole out bribery as incentives, but now that Axton is older, there is no hiding the fact that his shots were on the agenda at the pediatrician’s office.  I promised him we would go to the store and pick out a toy after his doctor’s appointment, hoping that would ease his fears just a tad.  After his pediatrician administered his immunizations and he shed a fair amount of tears, got a lollipop as a prize, he gladly told the doctor goodbye and we hoped over to Walgreens to claim his prize for bravery.

walgreens (e)

While in Walgreens I decided to chat with the doctor about my own immunizations.  Since they have a healthcare clinic right inside the store it was easy for me to pop in and see the doctor without having an appointment.  Since I am 7 months pregnant I was wondering what my immunization schedule should look like.  I was curious if I needed to get a whooping cough and flu vaccine or if I should wait to receive those until after I deliver in a few months.


Checking in was easy and I was able to see a Nurse Practitioner within minutes.  They accepted my insurance and the Nurse let me know that she would give all of the information from our appointment to my primary care physician and my OBGYN.  Although Walgreens only immunizes children 7 and older, so Axton can’t get his shots there, it was a great way for me to get my own questions addressed and find out if I really needed the vaccines I was curious about.  Plus, every time a child gets their school immunizations at Walgreens, they will provide a life saving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the United Nations Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign.  Kids and parents can feel a little better knowing that getting a shot can be a good deed for someone in need.


After a quick chat with the Nurse at Walgreens I found out my whooping cough vaccine from a few years ago is good for 10 years and I should hold off on getting the flu vaccine until late August or early September so it will last throughout the entire flu season.  And guess who didn’t let me forget about his reward for getting his immunizations?  How could I resist that face?  Plus, this knock-off Lego set was only $6.99!  Way cheaper than what I normally pay!

Stop by Walgreens for your Back to School immunizations and help another child get a Shot@Life with the Get A Shot. Give a Shot. program!  Thanks #CollectiveBias for allowing me to help spread the word about this life saving program #GiveaShot!

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Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer Review & Giveaway

Do you ever have a project  you build up in your mind until it seems like such a completely impossible and  insurmountable task?    That is how my dining room table’s 5 chairs have been.  I originally purchased this table from Craigslist for $125.00 over 3 years ago and painted the table in Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Ironstone. I then used the chairs to do a couple of segment’s on KOKH Fox 25 for a $30.00 makeover challenge.  That was over 2 years ago.  Since then the chairs have been grouped as a misfit set – all painted different colors- being used in my dining room just begging for a makeover.  If you want to see the previously embarrassing state of my dining room chairs you can find them in this post.

But this week things have changed in a big way for me.  I finally tried using a paint sprayer for the first time.  YA’LL.  It was life changing.

finish max fine finish sprayer 8

 Do you see the ridiculously smitten look on my face, whilst doing manual labor, in 97 degree weather, 7 months pregnant?  Only one thing can cause me to act like such a dork is my new paint sprayer from HomeRight.   I was able to paint all FIVE of my dining room chairs.  In TWO HOURS.

finish max fine finish sprayer 5

I have been so resistant to using a paint sprayer for many reasons.

1.  I typically use paint that require very little prep work – ie: No sanding and No Priming.  So with all of the time I save skipping those steps I thought I would make up for it with the hassle of having to clean a paint sprayer.

2.  CeCe Caldwell’s Paints are generally much thicker than Latex Paints.  Trying to find the right ratio of water to paint made me nervous.

3.  I don’t have a spray booth and I was concerned about the mess all of the over spray would make.

4.  I will confess I tend to get stuck in my ways and I will fight trying new methods for as long as I can.  I am the old crotchety lady of furniture painting.

finish max fine finish sprayer 7

Imagining all of the time it would take me to paint these darn chairs had me desperate to try something new.  I broke down and tried the HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer for the job.  In a nervous state I read the directions and watched a few YouTube videos like this one to get my little mind acclimated to the idea of using a sprayer.

finish max fine finish sprayer 6

My dread of cleaning the sprayer was eased when I realized the only tube I needed to clean was easy to remove and relatively small.  The instructions recommended putting water inside the drum to practice spraying before trusting yourself with actual paint.  Baby steps.  That was good advice because after a few pretend sprays I was feeling more confident.

finish max fine finish sprayer 10

It took a few trial runs on an old cabinet door to find the perfect consistency of paint.  Even if you are using latex paint the directions recommend watering your paint down with water.  Since CeCe Caldwell’s Paints are thicker in consistency it took me a few test batches to get the consistency perfect.  My first batch was too watery and my second batch was too globby.  I finally arrived at the perfection of silky smooth paint = 1/3 water to 2/3 CeCe Caldwell’s Paints in Pittsburgh Grey.  When I sprayed the paint on it was like butta.  Not a brush stroke to be found.  My little painter’s heart melted.

finish max fine finish sprayer 9

Since CeCe’s paints are all-natural I didn’t have to worry about ventilation and the over spray was  surprisingly minimal.  I only needed a drop cloth to contain my mess.  I painted two coats on the chairs, one while the chairs were propped upside down and another while they were right side up.  I then just touched up with the sprayer here and there where needed.

finish max fine finish sprayer

The chairs look amazing.  The finish is so smooth and it looks as if it came from a big box furniture store.  I can’t believe I put this task off for two years.  I wanted to show you the full reveal of my completed dining room but I didn’t want to steal the thunder of the awesome giveaway from the sweet folks at HomeRight.  One of you will get to win a Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer too!

Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter (it might take a few seconds to load – so please be patient)  Just in case you don’t win one of these awesome sprayers you can find your nearest retailer of the Finish Max here or you can purchase it online here.
In my opinion for about $90.00 it it so worth the investment!

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If you are tackling your own projects this weekend don’t do it without my eBook The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting.  Use the coupon code HOMERIGHT to get it for only $6.99 this weekend!

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