On this Episode of Hoarders….

OK, I really must love you guys to show you this embarrassing photo!  Are you ready?

This is my guest bedroom.  Someone call A&E and tell them that their next hoarder has been found!  
This room has gotten so out of control!  My business has eaten it alive!  My goal is to have it ready as a guest bedroom/craft room by January.  And the clock is ticking! 
I had to start somewhere, so I began by organizing all of my ribbon, wrapping paper, and craft supplies.
Here were a few organizing candidates:
Ribbon on Pant Hangers by Your Home Based Mom.
A wall mounted rack at Craftee Me.
In theory this is a good idea, but I would get sick of looking at in on my walls.
Another wrapping paper organizer from Centsational Girl.
But again, the always looking at it on the wall issue.
Wrapping paper stored in the ceiling of your closet.
I really liked this idea, but I am 5’2 so that makes it pretty inaccessible to me. 
Not like I get into my wrapping paper on a daily basis, but still!
So after much browsing I finally settled on a using a shoe rack for my ribbon and setting it on a shelf in my closet.  This isn’t even half of my ribbon.  Clearly I have a real problem!
And then I used a hamper for my wrapping paper. 
Please ignore the scuff marks on the wall.  It is inside my closet, so don’t start judging me! My hoarding room isn’t that bad!
I then organized all of my brushes, glues, bedazzlers, bowdabras, hot glue guns, and all of my other crafty necessities in an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer.
This has been really handy and would highly recommend! No more sifting and searching through drawers and bins for my supplies.  It’s all right there and I am easily able to put things back.

I now have 4 boxes of home decor, pottery barn bedding, coach purses, an elliptical, and other misc. items I need to get rid of.  I am dreading having a garage sale.  Why do I do this to myself?
I also bought a daybed on Craigslist that I need to paint.  But first I have to find bedding for it.  I will post a few bedding candidates later this week.
It’s a start, right?