My New Favorite Tool! {How to Wax Furniture & Video Tutorial}

I have a new favorite tool I just HAD to share with you all!  A buffing brush that attaches to your drill to achieve a super smooth, lustrous, shine to your waxed furniture. If you have ever wondered how to buff furniture wax, this is the way to go!  The lazy girl’s way to buff!

 I always dread buffing, especially on large pieces.  To help take any mystery out of this gadget I  made a super quick, non-fancy, on the fly, video to demonstrate how to use it.


You definitely don’t HAVE to use a drill attachment brush for wax buffing.  You can use a lint free cloth, wool skirts from the thrift store work great, old baby onesies, or t-shirts.  This is what I use but do what works for you.

Not to shamelessly self promote, but I do carry them online here, in my retail stores, or I am sure you can find someone near you that carries these as well.  I loved this drill brush attachment I HAD to share them with my customers because now I can’t live without it and I’m sure you won’t be able to either! 

On another note, I just drove back from Dallas with my paint BFF Donna from Doozie’s Corner to do a sneak peek at some new products from CeCe Caldwell’s Paints.  Here are some hints:  Glaze & Aging Dust!  All Green and GORGEOUS! 

We had such a fun time meeting new retailers and catching up with old friends!  All I have is an Instagram pic, but that will have to do!

(Me, Jo Ann the CeCe Southwest Distributor, CeCe, and Donna)

But enough about that.  I hope this helps you in your wax buffing!  What’s your favorite way to buff your waxed furniture?  Am I missing out on some top secret buffing tricks?  Share ‘em here!


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    I still buff the old fashioned way with a rag and my shoulder is about to fall off. Definitely going to try the wax brush method. Looks like fun was had at your CeCe get together!