FOX Morning Show Videos {And My New “Title”}

KOKH FOX 25 News

Just in case you were not up at 5:30am with me this morning to tune into our LIVE segments on FOX 25, here are the videos to the segments.

Danielle Dupuy and I showcased projects for budget friendly Christmas gifts since Black Friday and Cyber Monday can leave your wallet feeling a little on the light side.  We had five segments and I love working with Danielle and FOX because they really give me a lot of creative freedom with the topic ideas!

In this first segment I am referred to as a “Lifestyle Expert”.  Don’t laugh at me, but I literally just had to Google “what is a lifestyle expert” just to make sure I am doing my job right.  By the way, this is what I found.  I guess I am a crafting and DIY Lifestyle Expert?  It sounds so fancy and the next time someone asks me about what I do for a living I am just going to casually state “Oh, I am a lifestyle expert”, while sipping a glass of wine and wearing leather riding boots, of course, and then wait to see what their reaction is.  I will let you know how that pans out.

For some reason FOX did not post the videos to their website this morning so I actually have to use my iPad and video all of my segments anyway because their website does not allow you to download to YouTube. So, sorry about the Sir Shakes-a-lot hands during my taping.  It’s less than professional, but it gets the job done.

Ok, last one, I promise.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in, posted words of encouragement on Facebook and Twitter, and even submitted segment ideas!  (You can also click here to see my past news segments.) I did use some of your ideas and I love that I get to help build a community of people who enjoy the same things!  Which I guess really makes me a lifestyle expert after all! Who knew?


  1. Charlotte Kirk says

    Allison your segment on FOX News was great! I have tiles left over from my kitchen and now I know what to do with them. Congrats and Thanks,