You Will Never Paint Your Furniture The Same Again!

115 Furniture Painting Tips, Tricks, & Shortcuts to Save Your Time, Money, and Sanity

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting : 115 Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts to Save Your Time, Money, & Sanity is an eBook with 114 pages of golden nuggets of furniture painting wisdom. The Lazy Girl’s Guide cracks open trade secrets from professional furniture painters, faux finishers, and contractors.

 The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting unlocks the furniture painting secrets from the Pros. Most of us can put a paint brush in our hand and slap on a coat of paint, but once you learn how to paint furniture, the lazy girl way, your furniture makeovers will never be the same! The book offers over 115 quick to implement and easy to execute tips, tricks, and shortcuts from faux finishers, contractors, DIYers, and furniture painting professionals. Over 90 full color photos and tutorials will guide the reader step-by-step in learning the tricks of the trade from prepping, painting, distressing, antiquing, and finishing your painted furniture. The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting will transform not only your furniture but the way in which you tackle your projects.

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"I read this book and laughed and learned and decided I am going to tackle another project after reading it.  There are tons of photos, tips on where to buy supplies the cheap, or how to hack them.  If you are interested in paint, or wanting to paint, or need extra motivation to paint and my "I am doing it all wrong but it still works okay" isn't enough for you and you want someone to hold your hand, this book is for you."

"This is the perfect book for both seasoned furniture painters and newbies alike.  The tips and ideas that Allison gave are truly "lightbulb" moments.  You will learn new bits of information each and every time you read it.  This book is a must have for any DIYer, one you will find yourself referring to over and over again."

"I have been painting furniture professionally for over 15 years.  If Allison's book would have been available I would have saved myself hours of work, not to mention a lot of money spent on products I didn't need or weren't right for the job.  I thought I knew all of the best tips and tricks for painting furniture, however, in the first chapter I learned several new tips I can't wait to incorporate!  This is a must have book in any DIYer's toolbox."

"There is so much wisdom in this book that will save you time & money!  This is not only a great handbook for beginners but it is a great resource for experienced painters as well.  Allison shares tips and tricks that I was surprised to discover, even after 20+ years of painting and reselling furniture in my shop.  Do yourself a favor and buy this ebook before you dip your brush in the next can of paint!"

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Follow along in my Lazy Painter's Furniture Painting Pin Board where I hoard even more DIY tips you can't live without!  Seriously, you know you have a project you want to tackle.  Why do it the hard way?

How To Download the Book

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting is a downloadable eBook in PDF format. That means you are sent a link via email to download the book after purchase. I would recommend opening it on a desktop computer and saving it. Depending on what type of PDF reader you have on your smartphone, some readers, like iBooks, will allow you to save the PDF on your iPad or iPhone. You will have 5 chances to download it via the link that is emailed to you. I recommend downloading it to your computer and then downloading it to your smartphone’s PDF reader.

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