Dining Room Makeover


It’s the moment you all have been waiting for!!!! (LOL! Not really…)  I am finally done with my dining room makeover! This had been a long overdue project and the last piece of the puzzle was painting and recovering the dining room chairs.  Thanks to HomeRight and their Finish Max Sprayer I crossed that beast of a project off of my list and I am finally able to enjoy this space! Let’s just take a quick walk down memory lane so I can feel an even greater sense of accomplishment.  It’s … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink Colors {A Dresser Goes Girlie}

pretty in pink

Did you see the post Allison did recently about the new pink and coral that Cece is carrying?  Well, back before these colors were out in November, I had a friend who wanted a dresser painted pink for her daughter's room.    There were a million different colors, or shades, of pink to choose from...but we settled on a mix of two Cece Caldwell colors...Traverse City Cherry and Simply White.  Another friend was getting rid of this piece, so we decided to transform it from all boy to all … [Read more...]

The Perfect Gold Color


 Oh Gold Color - how I love thee!  One of the things I I try to do as a paint retailer is test the limits of the products we sell.  So I can have the project fails and you don’t have to. So when I had these metal deer head hooks I knew I wanted to test the new metallic waxes on them. I am having a slight obsession with gold and black right now.  And the new CeCe Caldwell’s El Dorado metallic gold wax is only feeding my addiction to an unhealthy level. This is an Intervention – the gold … [Read more...]

Buy CeCe Caldwell Paint Online


Have you seen the new CeCe Caldwell’s Paint colors?  I have been playing with them and I wanted to share how you can be a paint mixologist and make your own rainbow of paint colors in the perfect hue for your home.   The first new color is Kailua Coral.  It is a beautiful coral that veers more towards a pink than orange.  I made a custom coral color for my Master Bedroom makeover so it’s no surprise I love this color! The second new color is Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper.  I must … [Read more...]