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Pretty in Pink Colors {A Dresser Goes Girlie}

Did you see the post Allison did recently about the new pink and coral that Cece is carrying?  Well, back before these colors were out in November, I had a friend who wanted a dresser painted pink for her daughter’s room.    There were a million different colors, or shades, of pink to choose from…but we settled on a mix of two Cece Caldwell colorsTraverse City Cherry and Simply White.


 Another friend was getting rid of this piece, so we decided to transform it from all boy to all girl.


pretty in pink colors


pretty in pink colors

I’d like to tell you there was an exact mix that I used when mixing the two.  However, it was more a trial and error by starting with a small amount of red and adding till I achieved the color I wanted.

pretty in pink colors

One tip that I will give you, from my artist background, is when mixing colors you always add in the darker color to the lighter color.  It’s always a lot easier to change the lighter color than it is the darker.

pretty in pink colors

So, I began pouring Traverse City Cherry in till I achieved a raspberry color that I thought would pop against her light blue walls.  And to finish it off, we added some beautiful mercury glass knobs that we picked up at Pier One.

pretty in pink colors

pretty in pink colors


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The Perfect Gold Color

 Oh Gold Color - how I love thee!  One of the things I I try to do as a paint retailer is test the limits of the products we sell.  So I can have the project fails and you don’t have to. So when I had these metal deer head hooks I knew I wanted to test the new metallic waxes on them.

gold color 1

I am having a slight obsession with gold and black right now.  And the new CeCe Caldwell’s El Dorado metallic gold wax is only feeding my addiction to an unhealthy level.

metallic wax 1

This is an Intervention – the gold addition.  Just picture me overdosing on gold wax, falling asleep at the dinner table, after smearing it all over my body.  Then I will show up to a random hotel room where all of my family members will write me letters saying they love me like crazy but I need to give up wax.

gold color 2

I just dabbed a tiny amount of wax on the metal and immediately buffed after waxing.

gold color 4

It took the metal hook from masculine to mahvelous.

gold color 5

I screwed the hooks on a piece of wood I bought at my favorite flea market off the $1.00 table.  And to cover up the unsightly silver metal screw I just dabbed a little paint on it with a Q-tip.


gold color 6

I am happy to report you get the green light on applying the metallic waxes on metal!  What did you paint this weekend?

Alli @ Refunk My Junk

+Allison Griffith is the owner of Refunk My Junk in Oklahoma City. A corporate drop out turned professional blogger, paint retailer, junk lover, public speaker, small business owner, bottom wiper, and president of her husbands fan club.

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Buy CeCe Caldwell Paint Online

Have you seen the new CeCe Caldwell’s Paint colors?  I have been playing with them and I wanted to share how you can be a paint mixologist and make your own rainbow of paint colors in the perfect hue for your home.


buy cece caldwell paint online 6

The first new color is Kailua Coral.  It is a beautiful coral that veers more towards a pink than orange.  I made a custom coral color for my Master Bedroom makeover so it’s no surprise I love this color!

buy cece caldwell paint online

The second new color is Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper.  I must admit I had to Google to find out what the heck a Pink Lady’s Slipper is.  Just in case you can’t tell, CeCe names all of her paint colors after places, states, or regions in the USA.  And after a quick Google I found out Pink Lady’s Slipper is the Minnesota State Flower.

buy cece caldwell paint online 1

Since I have a little boy I don’t use a lot of pink in my personal decorating but I know a bright pink has been a customer request for some time.   I decided to mix a few custom colors to see what this little Pink Lady’s Slipper could do.

buy cece caldwell paint online 2

I always snatch up ice cube trays at garage sales for custom color mixing.  It’s a good idea to mix a small amount of paint up, playing and testing to find perfect color ratios, before using a whole quart for a large project.  And when you find your perfect hue, use the same ratios on a larger scale, with a quart of paint.

buy cece caldwell paint online 4

I grabbed a piece of stray wood from my garage and proceeded to paint all of my custom mixed colors.  I loved seeing the variation of the colors all down the board.

buy cece caldwell paint online 5

So from Minnesota Pink Lady’s Slipper I formulated 4 additional custom colors.  Including a hack of the new Pantone Color for 2014.

buy cece caldwell paint online 11

Here are the recipes for you to DIY at home.  Feel free to change the ratios to make the colors your own!

buy cece caldwells paint online 7

buy cece caldwell paint online 8

buy cece caldwells paint online 8

buy cece caldwell paint online 9

I have a new love for Minnesota and her flower.  I am thinking pinks and purples will be HOT for spring.  So now I gotta paint something in it.

buy cece caldwell paint online 6

If you want to buy CeCe Caldwell Paint online you can shop here or find your local retailer here.

What are you going to paint this weekend?

Alli @ Refunk My Junk

+Allison Griffith is the owner of Refunk My Junk in Oklahoma City. A corporate drop out turned professional blogger, paint retailer, junk lover, public speaker, small business owner, bottom wiper, and president of her husbands fan club.

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$40.00 Ladder DIY Pot Rack


Happy Friday!  It’s a snow day here in Oklahoma – a.k.a. a chance to bust out some projects I have been putting off for-ev-ah!  This DIY Pot Rack from an old ladder has been sitting around, halfway done, for a few weeks.  And halfway done projects stare at me and whisper “loser” every time I pass it.  It’s like the ghost of Christmas projects.  FREAKY.


diy pot rack 10

A pot rack is a necessity in our house because the genius who built our home did not build a pantry or much storage space in the kitchen.  When we bought our home 6 years ago I bought this pot rack at ROSS for $30.00, thinking it was a temporary solution, until I found one I adored.  Then two things happened.  I never found one I liked and the pot racks I adored were made for the rich and famous – based on their price.


diy pot rack 7

And you know what I do when I get all Scrooge-like about prices!  I MacGyver one up one my own.

diy pot rack 13

If you want to DIY our own ladder pot rack here are the supplies you will need.

Handy Link Chain (this one was 15 feet) $13.00 at Home Depot

4 x Quick Link Chain (this size was 3/16”) $2.00 each

Threshold Shower Hooks from Target $8.00

Rust-oleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint $6.00

A Ladder (duh).  I bought mine at a flea market for $10.00.  It is smaller than an actual ladder you would use.  I have no idea what it was used for, possibly just a decorative piece.

If you want to paint your ladder, include paint on your supply list.  I painted my ladder in CeCe Caldwell’s Santa Fe Turquoise and finished it in Dark Aging Cream.

DIY pot rack 2

I spray painted the chain link and the Quick Link Chains in the oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  Guys.  This stuff is classiness in a can.  It changes a prison looking piece of chain into a fancy looking hanging device.  I sprayed 4 thin coats on everything and let it dry for about 48 hours before using it.

diy pot rack 6

I then just attached the chain to the 3rd rung from the outside and adjusted the length of the chain to my liking with the quick link chain.  Sorry about the crappy picture above.  It was 10pm and I was like “Dude, get on with this project already.”  So there was no natural light to speak of.

diy pot rack 5

I used the Threshold shower curtain hooks to hang the pots.  I had considered using S Hooks like these but when I stumbled upon the shower curtain hooks I chose them because I didn’t have to spray paint them (they were already oil-rubbed bronze) and one side of the hook was smaller than the other, so it hung to the ladder a little more snuggly and stayed in place better.

diy pot rack 8

Then I hung my pots and stood back and admired it. It looks so unique and handmade.  I LOVE it!

diy ladder pot rack 12

And I love it even more for the price.

DIY pot rack 11

What do you think about my DIY pot rack? Handmade or Homemade looking?

Alli @ Refunk My Junk

+Allison Griffith is the owner of Refunk My Junk in Oklahoma City. A corporate drop out turned professional blogger, paint retailer, junk lover, public speaker, small business owner, bottom wiper, and president of her husbands fan club.

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