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If you have a blog on your business website and want to maximize the time you are spending on your blog then this class is for you!

Seriously, the ONLY reason I was able to quit my corporate job in 2012 is because of my blog - and I wasn't even monetizing my blog with ad networks yet! I frequently get invitations to events as a "celebrity guest", private screenings of all Disney movies before the public (hey, at least I am earning some cool points with my kids!), free cruises, Disney World Tickets, and have been referred to as a leading trendsetter in the nation, all because of my blog!  

Blogging has been the SINGLE most important thing I have done to market myself and my business.  Having a blog - even if you don't post on it consistently or often - can be one of the best investments you make in your business. If you want to learn how to maximize the blogging space on your website and be intentional about the time you are spending on it, I encourage you to join me at Blogging for Business Bootcamp.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from blogging for my business for the past 6 years (with over $100,000 in online  sales via my shopping cart ALONE in just in the past two years - this doesn't even count in-store sales, book sales, and speaking engagements!) and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program that not only teaches you high level theory on blogging to market your business, but the actual EXECUTION of how you can do the same.

This eCourse is for you if:

You are a business owner or have a side hustle. It doesn't matter what industry or niche you are in - this class will help you take your business and blog to the next level.

You have started a blog but it hasn't brought you any new customers and your blogging results have been lackluster. Nod your head if you want to see more return on effort from blogging! 

You want to make sure your blog and the time you are spending on it is benefitting your business.  You aren't sure why you need to blog but just know you need to start!  

Props for Blogging For Business Bootcamp

Charles Gosset

Certified Professional Life & Leadership Coach, Full Integration Coaching

"After attending Blogging Bootcamp I felt a sense of inspiration and relief. Relief ... Simply because I learned it's all "doable". Allison is a great teacher that keeps authenticity at the forefront and you can tell she really wants to see each person succeed in their industry. I highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to know the true ins and outs of blogging, and wants insider tips that are doable and not complicated."

Patty Rankin

Stylist - The OKC Style Coach

"I signed up for the Blogging Bootcamp because I was looking for ways to deepen my content, increase my email list, and develop stronger relationships with my readers. I came away tools and tips to help me do all of that and more.  I would highly recommend Allison's class to anyone who wants to take their blogging and business to the next level."

Dionne Woods

Furniture Designer

The Turquoise Iris

"I signed up for the Blogging Bootcamp because I've followed Allison for several years and I'm always amazed at her genuine spirit and humble faith. Allison totally packs a punch with knowledge and insightful tips. I finished this bootcamp feeling refreshed and uplifted, which was just what I needed to invest time in my business' blog. No doubt in my mind, I have her on my side."

Margaret Murray


Splendiferous Photography

"Very knowledable information about how to blog to benefit your business! I had no idea there was a purpose to blogging! Allison gave pertinent information on how to blog with a purpose and stand out from the rest! I left this bootcamp feeling inspired and excited about blogging."

Allison Griffith

Allison Griffith is a creative entrepreneur who coaches entreprenuers how to harness their creativity into a flourishing business.  Through her speaking engagements, ebooks, creative blog, and furniture painting workshops she’s here to inspire you to change the way you approach decorating your home and run your business — while making it all feel like a fun, stress-free task to tackle!

Her DIY projects have been featured on, The Huffington Post, Apartment Therapy, BuzzFeed, and Good Housekeeping.

Corporate Drop-Out, Furniture Stylist, Spokesperson, Public Speaker, and National Trainer

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