DIY Coffee Bar

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I have been busy making my new workshop space really special for the ladies (and gents!) that attend my classes.  I know a few hours to be creative is a real treat for tired moms and busy women.  One of the things I knew I wanted in my studio was a coffee bar so I could serve Starbucks Coffees and grown-up snacks as well as serve catered food  for the fancier classes we host.

coffee bar 1

 I bought this kitchen island off of a Facebook garage sale group for $50.00 with my coffee bar in mind. Remember the last piece I bought off of Facebook?   The island had a lot of storage but as soon as I picked it up from it’s owner I knew I had my work cut out for me.  I wish I would have taken more up close photos of it because it was N to the ASTY.  This baby had been used for years as evidence of the caked on grease and grime from preparing food on it for years.

coffee bar 8

I painted the body in Heirloom Traditions Naval and sealed it with Dark Umber Soft Wax.  The previous finish was similar to the shiny laminate finishes many french provincial pieces have.  I know Heirloom can stick to almost anything but between the grease and grime (which I cleaned with TSP like on this project) in addition to the uber slick finish made me skeptical it would stick to the surface.  Errmehgahhhh, ya’ll, the paint went on like buttah.  So smooth and zero adhesion problems.  Two quick coats and a quick finish of Dark Umber I called this baby done.



coffee bar 3


Confession:  The top did have a built in tile trivet.  I had every intention of retiling it.

furniture calories 1

 I bought all of the supplies and picked out some gorgeous tile to replace it.  But after realizing I needed a tile cutter and spending over $100 in supplies at Lowe’s I was completely annoyed and covered it up with this blue tray.  I have the supplies sitting in a pile in the corner of my studio trying to muster up the motivation to finish it!

coffee bar 2

I used my super secret staining method to stain the butcher block top and sealed it with Best Chalk Top Coat.

coffee bar 5


I opened up the drawers by removing the faux plastic glass cover.  It’s the perfect place to stash snacks so everyone in the class can help themselves to whatever goodies they like.

coffee bar 6


My mom made me some Anthro inspired tea towels for Christmas and the side towel bars have been the perfect place to hang them.  Thanks Mom!

coffee bar 4

coffee bar

I bought the vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass plates from my neighbor at the shop and propped them up on old spools I bought in Canton and glass candlesticks from the thrift store.

Sidenote:  My neighbor hosts a garage sale every Friday and Saturday.  You can find the info on his sales here.

coffee bar 7


This $50 bargain turned out to be the perfect piece to treat my students to some yummy goodies during our classes.  Don’t you love the Naval and Dark Umber combo?  Navy is one color I just can’t get enough of.

I’ve added several new classes to our workshop line up – stop by our Workshop page to get all the details!

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Update on My Custom Colors with Heirloom Traditions Paint

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Over two months ago I announced I was partnering with Heirloom Traditions Paints to develop a custom Refunk My Junk color palette of paints.   After all of my fancy bragging I thought I would give you an update on those colors.

heirloom traditions paint 3

 Here you go.  The status of my custom colors.

heirloom traditions

 After looking at the paint colors for several weeks I decided I hated them.  Okay, not hate.  Although I loved the colors there were a few things about them that bothered me.  Let me list them.

1.  I couldn’t picture them in my own house.  If I can’t use them in my home then how can someone else?

2.  They reminded me too much of another paint line I used to carry.

3.  The colors are too sweet.  Too junior.  Too “I just got this piece of furniture at Justice”.  Thank you Jesus for not giving me girls so I never have to step foot in that store!  (PS:  I was an avid Limited TOO lover so I have a right to dawg on Justice, m’kay.)

heirloom traditions paint


 I found out picking paint colors is hard.  Colors that you put your name on, your seal of approval.  I don’t know how my friend Debi, who developed DIY Paint, does it with 27 colors she chose for her line!  I think that job might be the death of me.


heirloom traditions paints 1


I redeveloped colors I now LOVE and forced myself to look at them for 6 weeks.  And I STILL love them!  I  finally handed them over to Heirloom Traditions to start mixing!  I won’t reveal my final palette until they are ready.  Just in case I change my mind right before the tint hits the can.  #kiddingnotkidding



heirloom traditions paints 2


And just in case you think I am fancy pants for having my own custom colors I wanted to let you know Heirloom Traditions lets ANY of their retailer’s develop colors for their business.  Pretty cool?  My friend Ann, from The White Lace Cottage, just completed her pastel color palette and it has been a dream come true for her!  How awesome is that!  If you are thinking about carrying a paint line I can’t say enough good things about Heirloom Traditions Paint.  They are amazing people to work with and having the freedom to develop your own colors is just icing on the cake.  Get more info on carrying the paint in your store by emailing them at

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Stitch Fix Review + Video

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 A few weeks ago I posted on my FB page about signing up for Stitch Fix and you guys had lots of mixed reviews and questions!  After getting my first box in the mail I decided to make an unboxing video and give you my honest reviews and thoughts on the process.

What has been your experience with Stitch Fix?  If you have been thinking about it I hope this video answered some of your questions!  If you do want get your own Stitch Fix you can sign up here:

stitch fix review 2

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How To Paint Furniture: Getting An Ultra Smooth Finish with Chalk-Type Paints

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I had a reader email me when I made this video tutorial about how to dry brush painted furniture and getting a chunky, textured finish on your furniture pieces.  She said she preferred modern, smooth finishes over a globby finish.  Insert knife in my heart – you think textured finishes look GLOBBY??  Is globby even a word???  Ha.

I understand.

Textured a.k.a. globby isn’t for everyone.  I get it.

3.5 tips for achieving


So for you smooth finish loving ladies I made a video showing 3.5 tips to achieving a smooth finish with chalk-type paints.


What are your tips to getting zero brush strokes on your finished piece of furniture?  Leave a comment – I would love to know!

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