Operation Clean The Garage { Garage Organization Tips }

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They don’t call it Labor Day for nothing!  I cracked the whip around our house yesterday and made it a family affair cleaning our hoardfest of a garage.  Please tell me I am not the only one who lives this way!

rubbermaid2 Since baby Shepherd is due in less than 5 weeks I figured it was time to get all of the baby clothes and supplies out of the attic.  One problem – I can’t even get the ladder to the attic down because our garage was such a mess!  Plus, with fall around the corner, I knew our garage was long overdue for a serious deep cleaning.  It tends to be the dumping ground for my business and projects and clearly it had gotten completely out of control!

rubbermaid 21After a quick trip to Home Depot we snagged the Rubbermaid Roughneck 45 gallon trash can and the Rubbermaid Roughneck 18 gallon storage tote to help us get operation garage organization off on the right foot.

rubbermaidI wish I could have captured the level of glee on my husband, Scott’s, face when he realized the 45 gallon trash can had wheels.  I guess it’s the little things that really make this man happy.  And for only $24.97 this trash can was worth the sheer joy and the level of organization it would take this garage to.



I am so lucky to have a man who loves to keep our automobiles clean.  But the amount of car cleaning paraphernalia car washing requires is worse than any woman’s makeup bag.  Once we started thinning out the garage into “Trash” and “Keep” piles we quickly realized the 18 gallon storage tote would make a perfect car washing station for all of his manly car washing needs.  Of course, I had to label it with cute chalkboard labels, but I rationalized to him we could change the use for the storage bin down the road and not be committed to something written in marker.  He relented and I was pleased to contain the mess in a sneaky, yet fashionable, way.


We also created a landscaping kit with the Rubbermaid Roughneck 45 gallon trash can to store all of the landscaping supplies in the garage.  This will work perfectly because it can be easily rolled to the front yard or the backyard without traipsing all of the tools to each location.  Housing all of the landscaping tools in one place allows Scott to roll the garbage can anywhere in the yard easily, remove his tools, work his landscaping magic, fill the garbage can up with leaves, grass, and whatever else he needs to, bag it all up, and then replace with his tools.  It is an easy place for him to locate everything he needs to get the job done and keeps us super organized all year long!


I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing our garage is ready for Fall and I am so excited about our newly devised car washing and landscaping storage systems.   Now who is ready to get some baby clothes out of the attic and mess it all up again?

Do you struggle with keeping your garage organized?  Is it landscaping and car wash supplies like us?  Or is it spray paint and recyclables?  Join the convo and leave a comment!

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Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Look Book Giveaway

I love it when the UPS man pulls up at my house!  Yesterday, I received the new Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint Look Books on my front porch!

lookbook 1

I immediately read it from cover-to-cover.  I know Marian and the Milk Paint team have been working so hard to make this an inspiring resource our customers will refer to over and over again.


The Look Book is a magazine style publication containing 150 pages of inspiring pictures and informative tutorials that will make you want to pick up your brush and paint!  Some of the articles include:

What is Milk Paint
It’s all in the Mix
Raw Wood Painting Tutorial
All About the Bonding Agent
Ask Abbe
Chippy Goodness
Waxes 101
The Many Uses of Hemp Oil


Included are tons of amazing before & afters as well as spreads for all 18 colors in the Milk Paint line.

lookbook4 I am so excited to share the Look Book with you I am giving one away!  If you want to purchase one right away and not wait for the giveaway you can in my online shop (and if you win you will be refunded the purchase price).  If you are local these will also be available in stores later today!

Simply enter with the widget below (it might take a minute to load) and the winner will be drawn next Friday, September 5th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Diaper Cake Tee Pee with Parent’s Choice


This shop has been compensated by by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers.  All opinions are my own.

My Pow Wow themed baby shower is just two short weeks away and I can’t keep my craftiness to myself!  I am using my favorite diapers, Parent’s Choice, to create a fun tee pee diaper cake for a centerpiece at the shower!


I can’t even believe I am having a baby in 6 short weeks and I suddenly feel so unprepared.  With my first baby I insisted everything needed to be absolutely perfect when we brought him home from the hospital.   Since I nursed , after being home for a few days, I  realized all he needed was diapers and love!  I can tell I am much more relaxed about the whole ordeal this go-round, hence my lack of preparation.  My baby shower is in 2 weeks and I am certain it will be the kick start I need to get into full-on baby mode.


I have only one piece of solid parenting advice to offer new Moms and grandparents:  do not spend your money on name brand diapers.  I know this first hand.  When Axton was born I thought the price tag of diapers translated into their ability to handle poop.  So not true.  I wish someone would have told me this little nugget of wisdom because it would have saved us so much money!

parentschoice22e After a few months of spending a fortune on diapers I sent my husband to Walmart on a diaper run and he returned with a box of Parent’s Choice diapers.  Seriously?  I was convinced I would be changing blow-outs for the duration of the supply.  Quickly I was proved wrong!  Not only were the diapers so much cheaper I was shocked they worked just as well as the fancy-pants brand.  I was converted and never looked back.

parentschoice1e This spin on a diaper cake is an easy project to make for any baby shower and so useful because I can use all of the diapers when the shower is over – making it the most functional piece of decor I know!

To make this project you will need:

1- Box of Parent’s Choice Diapers.  I bought the size 2 box of 96 and used about 70% of the diapers.  You can also use this sweet coupon to snag $1.50 off of your diaper purchase.

1 – round cardboard cake holder (found in the cake decorating isle). You can also trace a circle out of cardboard and cut it out – but the cake holder was only $4.00 so it was worth it not to kill my hands cutting cardboard in the shape of a circle.

5 – wooden dowels




Rubber bands

1- cardboard paper towel holder insert thingy


First, roll up all of your diapers from the box and secure them with a rubber band.  Fold the diapers inward – toward the pattern.  This covers up the pattern, only exposing the white part of the diaper, and leaves the smooth end of the diaper on the outside.


Prop your cardboard paper towel insert on the cake stand and build your first layer of the tee pee around it.  I am a dork and spray painted my cardboard cake stand gold.  The standard cake stand color is white so spray painting adds a fun pop of color to your diaper cake.  Oh, and sorry my paper towel insert is crushed and wrinkled but hubs threw it away when it was sitting out on top of the  kitchen counter.  I had to do an emergency dumpster dive to save it.   Oh, the things we do for crafts!


Wrap the entire layer of diapers in twine and tie it in a knot to secure it.


Then using hot glue, wrap the ribbon around the entire outer edge of the cake and secure it with a dollop of glue.


Continue the process for the second layer of the tee pee, making the subsequent layers smaller than the last.


Using wood stain, I stained the wooden dowels and allowed them to dry for 15 minutes.  Next, hot glue two feathers to the end of the dowel and wrap in twine and tie with a knot.

parentschoice13e    Before wrapping your final piece of ribbon on the top layer of the cake, poke the dowel in between each diaper, until it reaches the bottom of the cake.


There were five diapers on the top layer of the cake  leaving 5 places to insert the feathered dowels.


I chose to leave the tee pee simple and not add any other baby themed items to the cake.  I am really loving the simplicity and you could easily change things up to coordinate with any baby shower color or theme!  I seriously can’t get enough of tee pees right now so it might hurt me a little bit to rip this apart in order to use the diapers.


But knowing how many diapers you blow through those first few weeks makes me realize all of these will get put to good use!



How do you feel about using a more inexpensive brand of diapers for your baby’s bottom?  Do you feel like a Rolls Royce price tag makes for a better diaper or is #BabyDiapersSavings more important to you?

PS: Thanks #CollectiveBias for allowing me to share this fun tutorial with my favorite brand of diapers!

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Fancy Ikea Frames

Last week I was invited to take a private tour of the new Oklahoma City West Elm store.  Fancy, right?

ikea frames    I got to be their first paying customer and I bought a brass armadillo to add to my vintage brass animal collection.  It’s about time the rest of the world caught on to my brass animal obsession!  And look at that focal wall with the West Elm sign.  It’s reclaimed from a church in Philadelphia.  If you are in OKC you need to stop by just to see that wall.  Anyway, while chatting with their PR rep during the tour she said the big emphasis for fall is teaching their customers about how to add a layer of luxury to any room.  This can be done with gold accessories, mirrored coasters or end-tables, or pops of texture.  I left the store totally inspired and ready to burn a hole in my credit card.

ikea frames So to tame my urge to buy a whole new house at West Elm I decided to add a layer of luxury to some Ikea frames I have had sitting in our spare bedroom for several months with liquid gold leaf.

ikea frames

This picture is from January and showcases how I have struggled to fill the space above our monstrous TV.  My original plan was to replace our beast of a television with a flat screen above the fire place but instead I get to pay for my labor and delivery bill as well as the $1300.00 to have our house exterminated for termites.  I found a tiny part of our baseboards caved in and my suspicions of termites were confirmed when we called the pest control guy.  I called my husband bawling and swearing that we were white trash living in a bug infested house but the termite guy assured me that almost every house in Oklahoma gets termites every 10 years.  Yay.

ikea frames 6

I wish I didn’t have the eye-sore of a TV taking up this entire picture but I wanted to show you how I filled the space above it in case you are struggling with filling that space on your wall as well.  It looks a little off in the photo because I chose to center the frames on the wall and not center them based on the TV.

ikea frames 12

For this project you will need some Ikea Frames.  Mine were the 23” x 23”  Fjallsta Frames in black. You will also need some Plaid Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold, FrogTape, a tape measure, and a piece of chalk.

ikea frames 11

I measured 5 inches from each corner and taped it off with FrogTape.

ikea frames

This was my first time using Liquid Leaf and I am NEVER going back to using traditional Gold Leafing again!  No more  of the 187-step process of putting on the adhesion gel, waiting for it to get tacky, burnishing on the leafing paper, and then buffing.  Liquid Leaf is ONE STEP!  Brush it on and then you are done!

ikea frames 3

When using the Liquid Leaf make sure you are in a ventilated area because it is a little stinky.  I brushed on each coat waiting about 20 minutes between coats.

ikea frames 4

It took 3 coats to get good coverage but I had plenty of Liquid Leaf left when I was done.

ikea frames 7

This little project turned these cheapie Ikea Frames into a show stopping wall in our living room.  I think the West Elm rep would be proud.  And my hubs is even more proud I used stuff we already had instead of burning it up on my West Elm tour.

ikea frames 10   I just noticed in this picture there is a rogue piece of gold leaf at the bottom of the frame.  I went back and covered it up with a few swipes of a black Sharpie.  Just a FYI in case you make the same mistake.

ikea frames 8

What do you think about adding touches of glam in your home?  Is it too Liberace for your taste or are you feeling the gilded look?  I feel like a little metallic can fix anything.  Do you love gold too?  Follow my all things GOLD Pinterest Board!

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