Nursery Furniture

Guess who only has 2.5 months until this chicken nugget is due? This mamma! It seems like I just spilled the beans about our family’s new addition and here I am, in the third trimester, slowly working on putting the bits and pieces of the nursery together.

My game plan is to work on the nursery now and then save the majority of the blog posts and full nursery reveal for after I have the baby. This will help me have some blog posts in my back pocket while on “maternity leave” from blogging and give me some down time from the blog while I’m in the blissful zombie fog that is taking care of a newborn.

But I get so excited when a little bit of progress is made I have to sneak in some updates here and there for ya. This weekend I put together an piece of furniture that I am thrilled to share with you. Normally, about 80% of the furniture in my house is hand-painted or refurbished by me in some way. But buying a new piece of furniture was so appealing because I am 7 months pregnant and I was not in the mood to paint anything this weekend!

I have been on the lookout for several pieces of furniture for the nursery: a bookshelf, an end-table, and a toy box. And after browsing interwebs I found the perfect fit on Sauder’s website. The Pogo Bookcase/Headboard served all three of those purposes and saved me lots of precious nursery real estate by using just one piece of furniture. How could I pass it up? I ordered the piece of furniture on Friday and it was on my doorstep the following Wednesday, ready for me to assemble.

Sauder’s instructions were a piece of cake and in 45 minutes I had my piece assembled and ready for use.

Talk about instant gratification! I wish all of my DIY projects went this smoothly. I have to confess I was feeling a little guilty going the easy route and not DIYing this piece of furniture but after a little digging around I found out Sauder’s products and packaging are made from up to 97% recycled material. Plus, Sauder Woodworking Co. is based in the United States and manufactures all of it’s furniture in Archbold, Ohio. Knowing all of that makes me feel so much better than buying a piece of furniture made in China. Sauder is still a privately held, third generation, family-run business. I love that!

The Pongo Bookcase has tons of storage, lots of room for books, and will also double as an end-table next to the glider – where I will be spending lots of time those first few months.

The soft white finish is neutral enough to grow up with the baby’s bedroom into toddler and preschool years.

Sauder didn’t skimp on the details, such as the silver ID tags, making the piece feel extra special. This bookshelf has years of use ahead of it and I am relieved to have knocked something off of my nursery to-do list!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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A Hop Around Hob Lob

I ran into Hobby Lobby yesterday and I noticed they have stepped up their game in the home decor department.  I usually beeline to the furniture knob aisle and don’t have time to give the store a second glance because I have my 4-year old in tow.   I tend to think of Hobby Lobby as the land of resin Fleur-De-Lis and scrapbooking  supplies but yesterday they proved me wrong.

Let’s take a gander at what I found new and noteworthy at HL.  (Please excuse the quality of these photos.  The fluorescent lighting + zero natural light to speak of tend to give photos a gold hue.)

hobby lobby

Gold paired with black is all the rage and Hobby Lobby has taken note.  This geometric and gold diamond would look sweet in my living room built-ins.

hobby lobby 3

Lots of Etsy inspired wall art to choose from.

hobby lobby 17

Love the gold deer heads.  Sometimes Gold can go so wrong but these were done right.


hobby lobby 1

You can’t go wrong with Ikat and navy.


hobby lobby knobs

It still shocks me how many people attend my workshops that don’t know about the holy grail of knobs HL offers.  Their selection has several Anthropologie knock-offs for 1/3 of the price.  Plus, the knobs are 50% EVERYDAY meaning you don’t have to wait for a sale.


hobby lobby 14

Loved these pillows and I’m thinking they might look perfect in baby Shepherd’s nursery.

hobby lobby 11

I love the nautical-inspired lamps and I have seen similar ones at Home Goods for twice the price.

hobby lobby 19

I love the idea-ology line by Tim Holtz.  I have used these faux key hole on several projects like this and I loved how they added some charm to an otherwise boring piece.

hobby lobby 15

What does a hipster fox say?  I don’t know but this one was adorbs.

hobby lobby 10

Fun party supplies.  Mason jars + paper straws = LOVE.

hobby lobby 18

This baker’s twine is perfect for price tags or fun projects.  Plus, even when items like this are not on sale, you can use Hobby Lobby’s App to get 40% off full-price items.

Oklahoma is home to Hobby Lobby Corporate Offices.  And I semi-regularly stalk them on Twitter to ask them why they don’t ever work with bloggers – ahem! like me!


They never respond.  It’s like having a crush on your neighbor but you can’t get them to look at you.  Except I married my neighbor - but I keep wishing my courtship with Hobby Lobby will go the same.  So Hob Lob, if you are reading this – will you go on a date with me?  Mark yes or no.

UPDATE:  My flirting is paying off!  Hobby Lobby emailed me today and I can’t wait to see them work with more bloggers!

PS:  If you are working on projects this weekend you NEED my eBook The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting!  Use the coupon code DIYWEEKEND to get 40% off the $9.99 cover price!

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ebook cover final 500

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How I Won Wife of the Year { eMeals Review }


I have found the greatest invention since the microwave and it’s called eMeals.  As a blogger I get sent lots of stuff to try for free but I only tell you guys about 10% of it because I only save the BEST stuff for you.  I share the things I think will change your life and this, my friends, is one of them!


Back to School with eMeals


I have been using eMealsfor about 2 months and I can say it has totally changed the way we eat.  We have more sit-down dinners as a family and my husband has literally told every person who will listen how awesome of a wife and cook I am since I started using the eMeals service.  Seriously, it’s worth the subscription fee just for that!

So what is eMeals?

It is a subscription service that puts your weekly meal-plan and grocery list together for you.  All you have to do is login and download your weekly plan and grocery list, go shopping, and the rest is taken care of.

This has eliminated so many struggles I havewhen it comes to meal time for our family.

  • Not having the time to plan meals for the week.
  • Not having a game plan for my grocery shopping.
  • Forgetting ingredients and having to go to the grocery store multiple times during the week.
  • Procrastinating about dinner time until 5:00pm and then deciding to eat out because I didn’t have my act together.

I would spend way more money than I needed to on groceries, but now my weekly grocery trip costs me about $80.00 and we have 7 healthy, home-cooked meals to enjoy.

Watch this video to see what eMeals is all about.

eMeals has 15 meal plan choices:  Vegetarian, Paleo, Clean Eating, Classic and more.  We use the Kid Friendly meal plan because of our 4-year old.  At first I was worried it would be all macaroni and cheese recipes tailored to the taste buds of a toddler but the menu has had great variety with a lot of healthy options. 

We have liked 99% of the recipes such as fish tacos, beef stroganoff boats, bacon quiche, and tons more.  There have only been about 2 recipes I didn’t like – but I was out-voted because both my husband and son loved them. 

At first I found myself trying to modify the recipes to how I was used to seasoning and preparing my meals, but I have learned to just trust what the meal plan says and it always turns out delicious.

Plans are super affordable and start at 3 months for $30 ($10 per month), 6 months for $48 ($8 per month) or 12 months for $58 ($5 per month).  Plus, now is the perfect time to share eMeals with you because they are having a back to school sale with 20% off of your subscription by using the coupon code SCHOOL at checkout and they have an awesome Back to School meal plan as an added bonus. 

Paleo Chicken Sausage with Pinapple and Avocado

Emeals has changed the way I prepare dinner for our family and after telling everyone I know how awesome it is I couldn’t resist telling you about it too! 

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post.  I did receive a free subscription to eMeals but I was under no obligation to blog about it.  I only blog about stuff I want to tattoo on my bottom and I think you will love it as much as I do too.

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Colors {What to Choose…What to Choose}

Happy Friday Friends!  It’s been an exciting week around here with an Ebook launch and our trip to Atlanta to speak at The Haven Conference but I have a special piece of furniture waiting at home for me to paint!

I  don’t know about you, but when I see a piece of furniture I almost always have an idea of what I want it to look like in the end.  I usually know the exact color palette and color combinations I want to use to achieve just the right look for that piece.  But this piece is a little different and I’m having a hard time nailing down what I think the final piece should look like.

I picked up this table at a garage sale several months ago.  I actually could barely throw the car in park fast enough to jump out and go lay claim to the table that the lady was practically giving away.  I loved how unique it was…the shape, all the details of the spindles.  As a side not…before painting my first stop may be the antique shop to see if it’s worth anything…The company was created in 1901 and has a legendary story that goes back to the Cold War and the Rosenburg’s…who knows, maybe I’ve found a gem!





Since I purchased it, it’s been sitting in the corner of my kitchen collecting dust.  And every time I look at it I throw around color ideas, but just can’t decide.  So, maybe you can help decide.  If you were me, what would you paint this piece?  Here are the color options that I’m throwing around.

OPTION 1:  Cece Caldwell Vintage White


OPTION 2:  Cece Caldwell’s Pittsburgh Gray


OPTION 3:  Miss Mustard Seed’s Linen


OPTION 4:  Miss Mustard Seed’s Kitchen Scale


OPTION 5:  Custom Color Mix for Robin Egg Blue


What would your choice be?  Leave a comment and help me decide!

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