A New Job

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Guess who is trying to recreate a “This Guy”  t-shirt to announce  her new jobby job job?  Behind the scenes I have been working with Marian from Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint to become a Certified Retail Trainer for her Milk Paint line.  What?  Little ole me?

mmsmp announcement


I love Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. You know it and I know it.     I was one of the first retailers to sign up to carry her milk paint line and from the first time I painted with it I was in love. I have blogged about painting with her Milk Paint a bazillion times. I have taught almost 200 people how to create gorgeous furniture in their homes and businesses with Milk Paint over the last 2.5 years in my workshops.  Teaching is my passion.  Above blogging and selling paint I love to show people how to take control of their creativity with a piece of furniture.

mmsmp announcement2


So what is a Certified Retail Trainer?  When someone signs up to sell MMSMP they are required to take a two-day training.  This helps them become an expert for customers to rely on – believe me – as a paint retailer you get some crazy project ideas and questions from time-to-time.  Training helps retailers be Milk Paint product experts for  their customers.  I get the privilege to on-board these men and women into the world of Milk Paint.  What an honor!  I am so grateful Marian has entrusted me with this job.   Sometimes I admittedly get caught up in a world full of Facebook, Pinterest, and Blogging – which leaves me feeling like I don’t always measure up.  But I do know that I work really hard, I really care about people, and I do everything with a lot of heart.  I hope the retailers I meet leave my studio feeling inspired to teach their customers the power of Milk Paint!

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Don’t Do It Yourself – Flooring

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #InspiredHome #CollectiveBias


The last few months we have been so focused on the new addition to our family that big brother and his bedroom have been a little neglected.  While the baby’s nursery has been featured on Apartment Therapy and a few other Shelter sites our poor 4-year old has been living in a bedroom we haven’t touched in a few years.  He honestly doesn’t care and loves his bedroom the way it is but with him entering elementary school next year I have started brainstorming on a big-boy upgrade in his bedroom.

carpet one 3



 As of now the room is a space theme.  A few weeks ago  he had a playdate with his best friend from Mother’s Day Out and has been begging for a Pinterest-worthly treehouse bed just like his best buddy’s.  When he was just a twinkle on our eye we bought a convertible crib and have been using it’s full-size version so far.

carpet one 8



I browsed Pinterest for tree house bed plans and my husband and I found a few I think will be doable.   In addition to the tree house bed we will also include star print blackout curtains and a mini picnic table for reading and playing Legos or Imaginext on.


Boy's Camp Theme Bedroom
 Before I even start working on Axton’s bedroom I need to address the nasty carpet issue.  When we purchased our home 8 years ago the previous owners had new carpet installed.   I think they chose the cheapest possible carpet on the market.  It is almost white (hello obvious stains!)  and any stain that penetrates the carpet always resurfaces a month or so after spot treating it.  We have our carpets professionally clean twice a year but cleaning has been a bandaid solution to the real problem.  I decided to bite the bullet and get new carpet installed in the bedroom.   I called my locally owned Carpet One for a quote so I can get an idea of  the budget we need to accomplish this project.  Carpet One came out the next day.  I was worried I would have to move a bunch of furniture around to get accurate measurements but the Carpet One rep had a handy-dandy tool that only required her to set it against the wall to get her measurement.  It seriously took less than 5 minutes.
carpet one 1
 A few days later I went to Brewer Carpet One to meet with the same person who measured Axton’s room to discuss our flooring choices.  I happily met with a professional for this particular job because this is one task I refuse to DIY.  The idea of removing the carpet and installing padding and new floors is something I would never do myself.  I have no desire to learn how to lay carpet or floors and since Carpet  One was running an awesome Don’t Do It Yourself promotion it was the perfect time to pass this job over to someone who knows flooring like the back of their hand.
carpet one 2
Michelle, the flooring specialist, showed me all of my options.  There were a ton of choices in the Don’t Do It Yourself sale which included 50% off select Lee’s Carpet or a $500 instant rebate on select hardwood, tile, and laminate.  Michelle had been a flooring expert for over 7-years and she was so knowledgeable in coaching me on what choices would be right for the space.  And since she was also the one who completed our  free in-home measurements she had already seen the space in-person.  Did you know they have tile that looks like hardwood?  Crazy!  It looked really good in person and although this wasn’t the look I wanted in this particular room it would be an awesome choice for a bathroom or kitchen.
carpet one 6
 I settled on Lee’s Carpet in Cattail since the dark brown color will camouflage most stains little boys tend to make.
carpet one 4
 One of the features that made me feel even more comfortable settling on this choice is that Carpet One has a 120 day Beautiful Guarantee.  This means if I don’t love the carpet in our home for ANY reason within the first 120 days I can have them remove it and install new carpet at no additional charge.  Talk about standing behind your work!
carpet one 7
 Michelle took my measurements along with my carpet choice and worked up a quote instantly.  The Don’t Do It Yourself price also  included removal and hauling away the old carpet as well as installation of the new carpet.  Since I have little ones I really grilled her on the installation professionals who would be in my home.  She assured me that they all pass background checks as well as drug tests and are bonded and insured with Carpet One.
carpet one 5
The Don’t Do It Yourself promo is so awesome I might just replace the carpet in all three of our bedrooms!  What projects around your home do you would rather hand over to a professional? Get inspired to NOT do it yourself  with  this video or leave a comment and let me know what you DON’T want to do!  And if you would rather install carpet yourself take a selfie of your muscles and show us the pic because that is a job I don’t want to do!


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How Many Calories Do You Burn While Painting Furniture?

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Once I had a workshop student wear a pedometer during one of my furniture painting classes. At the end of the class she exclaimed how surprised she was about how many steps her 4-hour furniture painting class had counted for. I wish I remembered the amount of steps she said but I do recall thinking to myself “This is the reason I don’t workout!” As if I need an excuse.

That was several years ago and I still wonder how many calories a painted furniture project burns.  Today I did a little unofficial calorie burning test with my FitBit to see how many calories one furniture painting project actually does burns.  Here are the results.  Heck, all that work has got to count for something!


furniture calories 4

 I got my  Fitbit  for Valentines Day from my hubs and it has been fun to keep track of my steps and active minutes.  I am not actively dieting or working out a lot right now because I am nursing.  Each time I attempt to count calories or really workout I feel terrible and my milk supply drops.  I still have 5 pre-baby LBS to lose plus I need to lose 10 more pounds on top of that – but I just have to be okay with my love handles for the time being.  Somedays I feel like I am sitting on my bottom all day long but chasing after two little ones has it’s benefits because I can usually count on reaching my 10,000 step goal every day without fail.  Today I purposely did not put my FitBit on until I started working on this piece of furniture so I would have a semi-accurate count of the calories I burned during my DIY sesh.


furniture calories

 This island is in need of some major rehab but will serve as the coffee bar in my studio and teaching space.  It will be a great place to serve snacks,  catered appetizers, and brew coffee with my new Keurig for classes.

furniture calories 1

 I did have to clean the entire piece with TSP and I only sanded the butcher block top so I could stain it (with my fave staining method).  I think I got bonus calories for beating the heck out of tile trivit.  I was sweating when I was done beating it to death.  I really wish I would have chosen a bad day to tackle this project because this activity would be a great stress reliever!

furniture calories 3


I did run to Lowe’s and came back to the studio with my FitBit on because I was so wrapped up/annoyed with having to stop and get more supplies  I forgot about the calorie test I was conducting.  I don’t think my Lowe’s trip counted for that many steps though.

What did shock me was the 3 active minutes.  ONLY THREE ACTIVE MINUTES?  I worked on that tile for at least 1 hour!   Yes – it was only 6 tiles and it took me an hour.  I guess a tile setting job is not in my near future.

furniture calories 2

 I would say that 1 piece of furniture would conservatively burn 1,000 calories.  Also, If you do Weight Watchers you can set up a custom activity and give a calorie value to it.  See, I really DON’T work out for a good reason.  Ha.

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A Beautiful Mess – Whitewashed Brick Wall + Giveaway

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SweepTheMess #CollectiveBias

Moving into my new studio can be summed up in two words.  A MESS.  Sometimes it’s hard to look past the chaos and see the beauty that lies ahead.  I white washed the faux brick wall beast and a few times during the process I wanted to give up.  How could I transform the red wall of monstrosity into something beautiful?  A can of paint, an O-Cedar Angler Broom, and a few hours of sweat equity made a huge difference.


o-cedar angler 6


My new studio space needed some major love in the paint department.



Especially this red wall with faux brick.  I have nicknamed this wall the intestines of the space.  Feel free to use your imagination as to how it got that name.


I primed the walls but the fake brick finish needed some attention as well.


As soon as I started painting the brick the caulking on the edges started to crumble onto the floor.  It felt like a metaphor for the dreams I have for this space.

o-cedar angler 4

After trying several different methods to salvage the caulking I decided to just let the wall be and embraced all of it’s crumbly imperfection.

o-cedar angler 3

I played around with different methods in painting the brick.  I watered the paint down and brushed it on to achieve a white-washed look but it was too streaky.  I then brushed on the watered down paint and wiped it off , but the brick then took on a purple hue.   Lastly, I brushed on the paint full-strengt and immediately wiped it off with a t-shirt.  The result was exactly what I was looking for.

Some spots in the brick are inconsistently painted but that has quickly become my favorite part of the space.  I am so excited to use this wall as a backdrop for my furniture painting projects.

o-cedar angler

This wall might just be my favorite beautiful mess to date.

o-cedar angler 5

O-Cedar want you to embrace the beauty in your everyday messes.

If you have a beautiful mess or  two that you could use some help with make sure to enter the awesome giveaway below for your chance to win!

You could win

$500 Visa Gift Cards + O-Cedar Angler Broom
$250 Visa Gift Cards + O-Cedar Angler Broom
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O-Cedar “A Beautiful Mess” Giveaway

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