Light and Bright Dining Room Makeover with Pretty Distressed

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Hi, I am Christina, and I blog over at Pretty Distressed. Allison offered me an opportunity to guest post today, and I am excited to share my dining room makeover with you!

It is still a work in progress in my eyes. I need some window treatments, wall hangings, a rug perhaps, but it has come such a long way. I wanted to share it with you because it is my happy place. Seriously, I sometimes just sit in my front room and stare at the dining room because it is so serene and peaceful.

Pretty Distressed Pretty Distressed

The before pic is actually from our house’s listing before we bought it almost a year ago, and the furniture you see belonged to the former owner. We put down the hardwood floors before we moved in along with some taller baseboards, and I also seized the opportunity to paint under the chair rail while we were stripped down to subfloors. There is nothing that is less me than a warm toned red, and I knew it had to go even before I had any kind of vision for this room.

The walls were painted with Sherwin-Williams Hazel last winter, and we installed the light from Menards shortly after. I love the touch of elegance the chandelier adds and the way it contrasts the rest of the causal, country pieces that makeup the room.

Pretty Distressed

I inherited the main pieces of furniture early this year from a family member and eventually painted and distressed the table and hutch with Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, to soften and brighten the room. Most of the decor along with the two wicker end chairs are from HomeGoods, another happy place of mine. I didn’t have the time or cash to hunt down antique ironstone pieces, so I did my best to pick out china that would give that same feel.

Pretty Distressed

While I love HGTV, there is no instant gratification in a real life makeover. I work on things as time and budget allows. I hope you, too, can take the time to enjoy your space where it is and not get hung up on where you want it to be some day. My dining room journey is not over, but I am still getting a lot of joy out of how far it has come.


Pretty Distressed

Pretty Distressed

If you want to see more of my home and work, come check me out at Pretty Distressed. Thank you so much to Allison for this opportunity to guest post. I have been following her for a while now, and it is an honor to share here today!

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Chewbeads Giveaway!

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Happy Monday!  I have a super fun giveaway for you today!  Last week Patty Rankin gave us some advice on how to get our sexy back with a post maternity or post weight loss body styling sesh.  And she raved about Chewbeads – a 100% silicone necklace safe for teething babies to chew on!  I know my little guy would chew on my necklaces and then the anxiety of hoping my necklaces wouldn’t break or what chemicals were in the necklace would set in.  This necklace solves all of those problems – plus they look super chic.

Who wants to win one of these adorable and functional necklaces? (Uh – I do!)  The winner will win any Chewbeads necklace of their choice – go visit their website and peruse around.

Register for the giveaway in the widget below (it takes a second to load so please be patient!).  The giveaway will run until Monday Oct. 27th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Breakfast Room Makeover

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Hello everyone!  It’s Hayden, and boy have I missed sharing with you!!!  Today is all about my Breakfast Room makeover.  A while back I shared with you that my breakfast room {and entire house} were in need of a makeover.  Well, the Breakfast Room is finally done!  Last time you saw it, it looked like this….


Sad, I know!  But, with a little paint, some fabric, and a friend that sews we transformed the room!

And here it is….


I wanted to get rid of the chair rail molding and make it disappear, so I painted it the same color as the walls.  I debated on painting out the crown molding and baseboards, but was lazy and decided to wait and see how the finished product looked.  And guess what….I actually didn’t mind the dark molding when I got rid of the stark white walls.  Amazing!

The centerpiece is a little sad and small {that’s still in the works},  but I love the walls and the curtains!  It’s amazing what color and adding curtains can do for a space!  I actually feel like I live in a real home now; and I definitely screamed and jumped up and down when I stepped back to see the hung curtains!



Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies

Fabric Selection:  Henna Summerland from Online Fabric Store

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Furniture Painting Tips on Tuesday

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It’s Furniture Painting Tips on Tuesday!  In case you are new here I share tips from my eBook: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting every Tuesday.   I am so passionate about teaching you how to paint furniture the easy way – I want to share with you my trade secret tips here on my blog.

furniture painting tips co

Since there are over 119 tricks from the pros in the book it is gonna take me over 2 years to get through the entire collection of time & money saving tips!  If you don’t want to miss a tip you can subscribe to have my posts sent to your Inbox daily and you can follow my Furniture Painting Tips Board on Pinterest!  I will pin each of these tips on the board as they are published so you can follow along!

furniture painting tips

A few weeks ago I touched on how to clean your paint brush.  One way to make the whole process easier is recycling an old soap dispenser and fill it with Murphy’s Oil Soap.   Keep it by your kitchen or utility sink for handy access.  This makes for easy pumping of the soap directly onto your brush!

You can access to all of the time saving tips from professional faux finishers, furniture painting contractors, and business owners in my eBook by downloading it here or purchasing it on Amazon Kindle here!  Have you read the book?  I will be your bestie forever and give you a foot rub if you would leave a review on Amazon!  Share your own tips and successes with the Lazy Girl method online using #lazygirltips !

See you next Tuesday!

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