European Painted Buffet in Heirloom Traditions Paint

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One of the most beautiful pieces of furniture sold at our Lost & Foundry warehouse sale this past weekend and I managed to snap a few photos of it before it walked out the door.  

Heirloom Traditions Paint


My friend Jaime from Lavender and Lemon bought this piece while she was living overseas in Europe for 4 years.  She purchased it from a Thrift Store in the Netherlands.  I don’t want to say what she paid for it because you might cry – but it was LESS THAN $200.00.  Jaime bought a ton of awesome pieces for furniture while her husband was stationed there.  You can get amazing steals on furniture over there because many Europeans are trending their homes into more modern designs – which leaves beauties like this to be donated.  Would you not fall over if you saw this in a US thrift store?

Euro Buffet


Sometimes God plops an awesome friend in your lap and that is just what he did with Jaime.  Her husband bought her a workshop gift certificate for a Valentines Day gift.  We were texting back and forth about her color selection before the class and we realized we attended the same church and would both be going to an upcoming Women’s Weekend retreat together.  When we met at the workshop it was like seeing an old friend.  We found ourselves gabbing about all of her European finds from her family’s deployment.  She had dreamed of selling some of her pieces – but she is a super busy, homeschooling momma with 4 kiddos and wondered how she would even manage to make time something like that.  Soon I had her roped in to working at Junk Hippy with me and the rest is history! 




She came into The Paint Bar to do a quick color consultation. We painted up some sample boards in Row House with White Lime Soft Wax and as soon as we saw the results her mind was made up.  It looked gorgeous!




The piece had the most amazing detail so I think it would have looked gorgeous in any finish – but she was spot on with this color choice.  Don’t you agree?



This piece sold within the first two hours we opened but the customer didn’t pick it up until Saturday so we got to fawn over it all day on Friday.  In a furniture store this piece would have sold for over $3,000 but since we are not a store we get to sell pieces at amazing prices!  



And when I say fawn I am also referring to the amazing detail on the door fronts.  





I know some wood lovers are going to throw a fit about this piece being painted.  But my blog isn’t called m’kay.  Also, the piece was orange and the finish was not in perfect shape.  It would have NEVER sold unpainted.  Jaime’s vision gave this piece the Cinderella makeover it deserved.   


grand opening 3

Jaime also had tons of her European finds for sale this weekend.  Isn’t this mommy deer head vase precious?  



What do you think about this transformation?  Could you have lived with the before?



Jaime and I have been daydreaming about the day when our kids are a little older and we can plan a European shopping trip, fill up a crate with furniture and European furniture, and ship it back to the US for us to sell.  Sounds like a dream vacation to me.

Shop online for Heirloom Traditions Paint in Row House and White Lime Soft Wax here.  

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grand opening

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I SURVIVED!  Do you ever have a date on the calendar that you keep looking at and think to yourself – if I can just make it to that day it means I SURVIVED.  I made it through the grand opening of my studio this weekend and the kick off of our Lost & Foundry Warehouse Sale.  I didn’t just survive – I thrived.  It was an awesome weekend and I really wish I could do it all over again.

I loved seeing all of the familiar faces and meeting new friends that came to visit.  I had past workshop students bring me flowers (hi Dana!), long time customers give me hugs, and new friends came to see what we were all about.

I snapped a few pictures inside the sale in case you didn’t make it. grand opening 3   grand opening 2   This European buffet was my friend Jaime’s, from Lavender and Lemon.  It was simply stunning.  She painted it in Row House and finished it in White Lime Wax.  We joked that instead of calling my shop The Paint Bar we are going to change the name to The White Lime Wax Addicts Support Group. grand opening

grand opening 1

grand opening 6   Most of our furniture sold but these two pieces are left.  That chartreuse cabinet was used in a school as a cubby for children’s shoes.  Now it can be repurposed into a wine rack that can hold 126 bottle of wine.  Wowzer.  I want to be that person’s friend.

grand opening 8       grand opening 7 grand opening 4    

Snow S’more food truck came by on Saturday and we all pigged out on s’mores.  I ate the Elvis:  chocolate, marshmallow, bacon, and peanut butter.  It changed my life and was the ending to a perfect weekend.  


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Get a Restoration Hardware Look with Whitewash Furniture

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Don’t you just love it when you buy a piece of furniture and you are so excited about it’s possibilities you paint it immediately.  While others sit in your garage for months waiting to be touched.  That has been my rule the past few weeks – if a piece doesn’t get me excited to paint then I don’t buy it.


My neighbor next to my shop is a picker and while I was teaching a workshop on Saturday I saw his trailer pull in with this table on the back of it.  I don’t think he was able to put his truck into park before I was over there buying it from him.  I love these types of tables because you can use them for a sofa table, in an entryway, or as a small buffet in a dining room.

whitewash 14

 By Wednesday morning I had two coats of Heirloom Traditions Black Bean painted on.  This morning I walked into my shop, contemplating my next move.


 Today I finished it and I love it’s dramatic transformation.  Can you believe this piece was painted black!?!


 I used White Lime Soft Wax over Black Bean and it turned the piece into such a beautiful grey.  It reminds me of some of the finishes from Restoration Hardware.  Restoration uses more grey tones in their furniture so the white wax over Black Bean is much more dramatic – totally my style.  I made a YouTube video explaining the process of how I got this look (it’s at the end of this blog post for you skimmers) because I just wanted to take pretty pictures and not photograph instructions today!


 Whitewashing furniture can be tricky – is the paint too thick?  Too thin?  And it can be tough to correct mistakes.  White Lime Soft Wax takes the guess work out of  the whole whitewashing process.  It might be my favorite wax, but I think I always say that.  You can see another project I used White Lime on HERE.


I had found these olive buckets while getting ready for the warehouse sale and I just got a shipment in of angel wings in – they are the same ones I have in my dining room.  The white tree I bought at a garage sale years ago.  I think it was gold – not a cute gold but a gawdy gold – so I spray painted it and it’s been white ever since.  It has been perfect for displays during Christmas and I can always find something to hang on it.


 The vintage mirror is my friend Hayden’s and it will be for sale at the market next weekend.  It’s been so fun working on projects leading up to the sale and giving you all sneak peeks at a few of the pieces I will have for sale.


whitewash 13

This was such a fun piece to work on and I am thinking my new rule for furniture buying is paying off.  Because I just HAD to share this technique with you all I decided to film a quick video of how I applied the White Lime Wax over Black Bean.  But before you watch the video PROMISE ME you won’t judge me – I barely have any makeup on and I am in my grubbies!  I can’t get dressed up to paint furniture m’kay!  But this technique was just too awesome not to share – and I wasn’t going to let my pasty white face hold me back from spreading the White Lime Wax love.


My grand opening is NEXT WEEKEND!  Make sure you mark your calendars so I can see your smiling face there!


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StitchFix Unboxing & Review #2

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It’s time for my monthly StitchFix unboxing review! See what I kept, what I sent back, and what weird FUNK was coming out of my box this month…

Update: Since I filmed this video StitchFix gave me a $20 credit to my account to apologize for the stank.  I was very impressed with their customer service and their responsiveness to my concern!  Have you signed up for Stitch fix yet? What have you thought so far?  I would love to hear!  Sign up for StitchFix HERE: stitchfix unboxing

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