Chewbeads Giveaway!

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Happy Monday!  I have a super fun giveaway for you today!  Last week Patty Rankin gave us some advice on how to get our sexy back with a post maternity or post weight loss body styling sesh.  And she raved about Chewbeads – a 100% silicone necklace safe for teething babies to chew on!  I know my little guy would chew on my necklaces and then the anxiety of hoping my necklaces wouldn’t break or what chemicals were in the necklace would set in.  This necklace solves all of those problems – plus they look super chic.

Who wants to win one of these adorable and functional necklaces? (Uh – I do!)  The winner will win any Chewbeads necklace of their choice – go visit their website and peruse around.

Register for the giveaway in the widget below (it takes a second to load so please be patient!).  The giveaway will run until Monday Oct. 27th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Breakfast Room Makeover

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Hello everyone!  It’s Hayden, and boy have I missed sharing with you!!!  Today is all about my Breakfast Room makeover.  A while back I shared with you that my breakfast room {and entire house} were in need of a makeover.  Well, the Breakfast Room is finally done!  Last time you saw it, it looked like this….


Sad, I know!  But, with a little paint, some fabric, and a friend that sews we transformed the room!

And here it is….


I wanted to get rid of the chair rail molding and make it disappear, so I painted it the same color as the walls.  I debated on painting out the crown molding and baseboards, but was lazy and decided to wait and see how the finished product looked.  And guess what….I actually didn’t mind the dark molding when I got rid of the stark white walls.  Amazing!

The centerpiece is a little sad and small {that’s still in the works},  but I love the walls and the curtains!  It’s amazing what color and adding curtains can do for a space!  I actually feel like I live in a real home now; and I definitely screamed and jumped up and down when I stepped back to see the hung curtains!



Wall Color:  Benjamin Moore Hazy Skies

Fabric Selection:  Henna Summerland from Online Fabric Store

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Furniture Painting Tips on Tuesday

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It’s Furniture Painting Tips on Tuesday!  In case you are new here I share tips from my eBook: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting every Tuesday.   I am so passionate about teaching you how to paint furniture the easy way – I want to share with you my trade secret tips here on my blog.

furniture painting tips co

Since there are over 119 tricks from the pros in the book it is gonna take me over 2 years to get through the entire collection of time & money saving tips!  If you don’t want to miss a tip you can subscribe to have my posts sent to your Inbox daily and you can follow my Furniture Painting Tips Board on Pinterest!  I will pin each of these tips on the board as they are published so you can follow along!

furniture painting tips

A few weeks ago I touched on how to clean your paint brush.  One way to make the whole process easier is recycling an old soap dispenser and fill it with Murphy’s Oil Soap.   Keep it by your kitchen or utility sink for handy access.  This makes for easy pumping of the soap directly onto your brush!

You can access to all of the time saving tips from professional faux finishers, furniture painting contractors, and business owners in my eBook by downloading it here or purchasing it on Amazon Kindle here!  Have you read the book?  I will be your bestie forever and give you a foot rub if you would leave a review on Amazon!  Share your own tips and successes with the Lazy Girl method online using #lazygirltips !

See you next Tuesday!

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3 Post Pregnancy Styling Tips and Looks

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I am so excited about today’s guest post! Style Coach, Patty Rankin, is showing us how to get our sexy back post pregnancy. Even if you are in a transitional stage in life – post baby or pre weight loss – this post and Patty’s golden nuggets of fashion wisdom is for you!  Plus, Patty has one of the most awesome Facebook and Instagram feeds when it comes to style inspiration (ahem… go follow her!) because she styles for real life women with real life bodies!

You’ve had the baby, dressed that bundle of joy in a super well thought out cute outfit for their arrival home, scheduled your newborn pictures and put together lovely outfits for your little one … wait … Rewind, what about you?

When did you get lost in the mix of all of the hustle and bustle? You’re the Queen (you just gave birth for Pete’s sake), YOU had a baby, and YOU are still the fabulous woman internally, so why don’t you look the part?

Oh, ummm … is it because you all of sudden have this floppy saggy stomach thing going on, or boobs that women pay for but are filled with milk and up to your chin and usually suffocate you when you try to sleep, or a butt that has all of sudden become so wide it follows you in the mirror, or hips that definitely don’t lie according to Shakira, because everyone can see them coming a mile away? You get the idea, I am sure you can add more to this!

You have entered a new stage in life, you have opened a new chapter in your story, and you are now a Mom! Ladies, please listen to me, you can still look fabulous during the Post Pregnancy part of your journey. Here are 3 tips to inspire you, if your baby looks better than you because you’ve thought out their outfit and put more time into their “look” than yours, it’s time to step back a little bit and give yourself “Momma Style Time.” You are worth it, you really are!

Post Pregnancy Outfit Look #1 – Comfortable but Out in Public

post pregnancy


When dressing your body to run errands, put gas in your car, or drop off something real quick to someone, it’s easy to just throw on your sweats and stained items with spit up on them. STOP, DON’T DO IT! You are better than that. I’m sure your little one looks pretty darn cute, and you should too. Here’s an outfit to inspire you to look great, but still be comfortable, especially when you are out in public. Your belly is feeling floppy, so wearing anything with elastic is best, but make sure the waistband isn’t a skinny elastic one, or else you will get that dreaded muffin top. Look for a medium or wide width waistband. Also, when wearing sweats, maternity comfy pants, etc. PLEASE do not let your butt have that “poop sack” look. You know the look; your baby’s diapers are a great example of what that looks like. I don’t want you to match your babies “look” to that extent. I am advising that during your post pregnancy time, you always wear tops/dresses that cover your bum, so you can pull up your sweats, leggings, jeans, etc. as high as you want, in order to avoid the saggy butt and camel toe. (Keeping it real!)

Post Pregnancy Outfit Look #2 – Out and About

post pregnancy 1

The baby doll tunic/dress/tops and leggings look is going to be your best “uniform” during this time. You are a busy woman, are out and about with showing off the baby, going to baby play dates, visiting family to introduce the baby to everyone, etc. You will be moving around a lot with the baby (picking up, putting down, carrying, bending over, etc.) so what’s a mom to do with big boobs that get in the way of everything? One of the things I’ve heard from women during their post preg time is they don’t like having to “layer” all the time because of how big their boobs are. They feel it ruins their “style” and makes them feel “squished”. Look for items that have a higher scoop neck, and a low waist line with a baby doll look like the item pictured, and wear it with your leggings. Do not wear/buy the tops/dresses/tunics that have the line right under the boob area or are to low with the deeper scoop, it’ll drive you nuts. Add low bootie boots and bring the look completely together with a great shrug that hangs/drapes just right, or a blazer that comes in at your waist, or a cargo vest that has a drawstring at the waist. This look works really well, because your boobs will be completely covered, as well as your hips and stomach, but because you are bringing it all in at the waist area it makes you look smaller and proportioned. Add the fabulous accessory of ChewBeads. This is a great on point jewelry piece that is safe for your baby to grab and chew while you are carrying them. I highly advise for you to invest in a few of their pieces, since it’s not safe to wear your normal jewelry for a while.

Post Pregnancy Outfit Look #3 – Girls Night Out

post pregnany 2

Investing in a “skater” dress/tunic is a must during your post preg style. As you can see in the picture, the “line” goes lower than right under your boob area, which makes for a more proportioned and stomach hiding look. We all know you will need a break and will go out with the girls. It’s hard to “feel” cute when you aren’t back at your “normal” weight and your friends who have bodies that are rockin’ are hanging out next to you. I suggest that you buy one pair of really fun faux leather leggings, and pair it with heeled booties, and a vest that you probably already own. You can also add a scarf that is meant to go in a “V” shape. The scarf will completely cover your “pooch” that your stomach is carrying. You are all set and look amazing standing next to that one friend who has “time” to go work out, sleep, and eat like a normal human being. I also suggest this outfit look for family pictures. Do not wear flowy chiffon tops, they don’t picture well. I know they “hide” you, but they make people look big in pictures. Keep it pretty form fitting, because shadows will hide any “bumps” you may have, and your photographer will know how to pose you to get your best “side”.

I hope these style tips have inspired you, and just remember that you just had a baby, your body just produced a human being, your body just changed and has transformed. You are superwoman for the love all woman kind, do not get down on yourself for not immediately returning to the size you feel most comfortable with, and please quit comparing yourself to other moms, or your friends or celebrities who look “skinny”. In all honesty, they are dressing their bodies to “look” that way. You can do the same.

Quick Review:

  • Use all your stretchy pants you have as your foundation, do not be a victim of “poop sack” butt. Keep your bum covered.

  • In order to not invest a lot in new clothes during this in between time, wear the vests/jackets/shrugs that you already own and make sure they go over your boobs.

  • Go buy a few tunics/dresses that work well for you; you can reuse them later even when you get back to your normal weight and size.

  • Buy a few pieces from – You’ll thank me later.

  • Wear scarves in the “V” or “Western Point” style in order to cover your pooch.

BONUS RESOURCE: Great write up on this exact topic from Redbook that I found super helpful out of everything that is currently online.

About Patty:

Patty is a Texas gal who relocated to Oklahoma in 2005 with her husband and two kids. She became an instant mom when she met her husband in Austin, TX. Her kids were 4 and 6 at the time, they are now 18 and 20, and she wouldn’t have it any other way! She loves her blended & diverse family dynamic and their sweet French Brittany bird dog named Harper. By day she’s the Event Concierge and Social Media Strategist for a technology firm, and a Style Coach by night. She enjoys fashion, a well made latte, a good sermon, living by the golden rule of “no talking before 10am”, fitness, the fall season, tattoos, taking Harley rides with her husband, her grandmothers homemade Mexican cooking, and saying “YES” to any adventures. Get tips and inspiration by following her style coaching on Instagram & Twitter @pattystylecoach, and Facebook – Patty Rankin Style Coach.

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