How To Paint Furniture { Metallics }

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When I cleaned out my garage a few weeks ago I decided to tackle painting this desk that had been sitting in there for far too long.  And guess what?  Now I don’t have any room for it in the stores I rent space from.  So I’m giving ya’ll first dibs at it for a lower price then I would sell it in my retail space.

How To Paint Furniture

One of my workshop students sold me this desk at an amazing price.  After doing a little research it was over $1,000.00 brand new.

How To Paint Furniture

The desk is made by Hooker and the line is called Seven Seas.

How To Paint Furniture

For you non-painted-wood lovers please don’t throw a fit.  It had some water stains on the top so I didn’t feel one bit guilty painting it.


How To Paint Furniture

I painted the desk in CeCe Caldwell’s Beckley Coal, sealed it with Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax, and then polished a thin coat of CeCe’s Silver Wax in Sierra Silver.

How To Paint Furniture

The Sierra Silver gives it a dry brushed effect and makes the metallic shimmer so subtle.  Sometimes metallic pieces can veer on the side of Liberace inspired but this is metallic done right.

How To Paint Furniture

This desk is for sale at $499.00 – when it goes to one of my retail spaces it will be $625.00 because of the mall fees and I will be happy NOT to have to haul it! The dimensions are 31.5″h, 59.5″w, 29.5″d.   Email me at allison(at) if you want to purchase it or if you have any questions.

If you want to recreate this look here are the steps I used.

Step One:  Apply Plaid Craft Liquid Leaf  in silver only to the areas you know you will distress.

Step Two:  Paint two coats of Beckley Coal.

Step Three:  Wet Distress.  If you are not sure what this is all the deets are in my eBook.  This will allow the silver to show through.

Step Four:  Seal with Wax.  I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax.

Step 5:  Buff

Step 6:  In a circular motion apply CeCe Caldwell’s Sierra Silver all over.  Immediately wipe off any excess and buff.

PS:  I am headed to Serendipity Market tonight for a free Milk Paint demo – if you are local stop by and see me!

how to paint furniture

PPS: If you try this paint technique please let me know – I would love to see it!

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Family Room {A Facelift}

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I have found as a designer, that during the Summer people are not concerned about decorating their home.  They’re busy enjoying their families and their vacations…as they should.  But, as soon as school begins to roll around decorating shifts into high gear.  This is a recent project that I’ve started working on in Texas.  You might remember the design board that I did for them HERE for their office.  The client wanted their family room to feel sophisticated, yet relaxed.  They already had the existing sofa and chairs; but were wanting to add some new pieces to their new home, purchase window treatments, and accessorize.  We aren’t finished with their home yet…still working towards several new pieces, including a breakfast table and several more touches.  But here’s the start…

family room

family room

family room

family room

family room

In need of some design help this Fall?  I’d love to help!  Feel free to contact me at for a design consultation in the Oklahoma City or Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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Furniture Painting Tips on Tuesday

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It’s Furniture Painting Tips on Tuesday!  In case you are new here I share one tip from my eBook: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Furniture Painting every Tuesday.   I am so passionate about teaching you how to paint furniture the easy way – I want to share with you my trade secret tips here on my blog.

furniture painting tips

Since there are over 119 tips in the book it is gonna take me over 2 years to get through the entire book of time saving tips!  If you don’t want to miss a tip you can subscribe to have my posts sent to your Inbox daily and you can follow my Furniture Painting Tips Board on Pinterest!  I will pin each of these tips on the board as they are published so you can follow along!

furniture painting tips

Cheap chip brushes are an inexpensive way to apply furniture wax to your projects.    While I am an advocate of using a wax brush I always tell my workshop students that it is NOT a must – it is worth the investment (usually wax brushes are about $30.00 each) if you do a lot of furniture painting projects.  If you do use a chip brush I recommend trimming down the bristles by about 1 inch to create a firmer bristle.  This makes wax application easier and will mimic the application of a wax brush instead of a flimsy chip brush.  A chip brush will usually only last you 1 or 2 projects while a wax brush will last you 40 or more projects, so you do get what you pay for.

So where do you buy chip brushes?  Lowes, Home Depot, and WalMart sell them for around $2.00 each but the BEST place to score cheapie chip brushes is at Harbor Freight – use their store locator to find the closest one to you.  You can buy a box of 32 – 2” Chip Brushes for $11.99 – that’s about .37 EACH!

You can have access to all of the time saving tips from professional faux finishers, furniture painting contractors, and business owners in my eBook by downloading it here or purchasing it on Amazon Kindle here!  Have you read the book?  I will be your bestie forever and give you a foot rub if you would leave a review on Amazon!  Share your tips and successes with the Lazy Girl method online using #lazygirltips !

See you next Tuesday!

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Axton’s Birth Story

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Today I am getting personal and sharing Axton’s birth story with you.  I always love hearing other women’s birth stories.  The drama and anticipation of a baby’s arrival just sucks me in every time!  I am planning on sharing the details of Shepherd’s birth in a few weeks and so I thought it would only be fair to share my other son, Axton’s, arrival as well.  When he was born I wasn’t blogging full-time so it will be nice to have all of the details documented here – that way he can come back and read them someday.  As much as I blog for you guys I love having our memories on here to reflect on forever!

birth story7 I am already getting choked up just thinking about the events leading up to Axton’s birthday!  Let’s back this train up and start from the beginning.  In 2009 Scott and I had been trying to get pregnant for almost 2 years.  I would say the first year was a casual “let’s see what happens” sort of trying and the second year was an escalation of monthly worry that we would never be able to have a baby.  After several different fertility tests and medications I was exhausted from always focusing on “operation make a baby”.  I eventually decided to put our family planning aside and focus on my career.  After working at the same bank in Commercial Lending for 8 years I had become burned out and began looking for another job.  I was offered a position in Treasury Management with another bank and I was thrilled about starting my new job.  I finally felt like something in my life was moving FORWARD!

To my shock 3 days after starting at the new bank I found out I was pregnant.  I had to laugh – I had just left a job where I had 12 weeks of maternity leave and awesome benefits and now I was working where I had not even one single vacation day accumulated!  None of those details mattered because we were completely thrilled!


Axton’s pregnancy was a rough one.  At 14 weeks pregnant, while in Albuquerque, NM for a work trip, in the middle of a meeting with the President of the bank I worked for, I had leaned forward in my chair and felt a huge gush of liquid.  I excused myself from the meeting and when I went to the restroom I found I was bleeding lots and lots of bright red blood.  I immediately panicked.  My boss drove me to the emergency room and I called Scott barely able to choke out the words to tell him something was seriously wrong.  Being at the hospital alone, not sure what was happening, with no family and without my husband, was one of the scariest moments of my life.  I was admitted to the hospital and after hours of testing and waiting I was finally told I had a 2 centimeter tear in my placenta.  I was at the hospital until 3 am and at 6am I boarded a plane back to Oklahoma to see my OBGYN.  There were little answers as to what would happen next.  I was monitored throughout the remainder of my pregnancy watching closely for early labor, which is the most common side effect of placental tears.


With God’s grace I made it full-term in my pregnancy.  The week of my due date I wasn’t dilated and my uterus was locked up like Fort Knox.  My doctor ordered an ultrasound and per it’s measurements Axton was weighing a little over 9 pounds.  They urged me to schedule a C-Section that weekend because he didn’t want Axton to continue to grow larger and larger and he was convinced I couldn’t deliver a 9 pound baby.

I completely refused a c-section and begged him to give me the weekend to go into labor on my own.  He agreed but scheduled me to be induced on Sunday night if I didn’t go into labor on my own over the weekend.

I was determined to go into labor naturally.  I spent the entire weekend doing any and every activity to get me to go into labor.  I walked for an hour every night – despite the fact that it was mid-July in Oklahoma and almost 100 degrees.  I went and had acupressure done on my feet and pressure points.  I did some other activities that I won’t mention because it’s meant just for a husband and wife – but is supposed to help get labor started.  You get the picture –  I was desperate to get the party started naturally.

By Sunday night nothing had worked and we headed to the hospital.


I still wasn’t dilated or effaced so they put cervidil on my cervix and had me stay over night.  The next morning at 6am they started the pictocin and meeting our baby boy was officially in my near future!

Fun fact:  I had a ordered a custom hospital gown off of Etsy to wear during my delivery.  I don’t know why I am not wearing it in this picture, but all of the nurses had to come into my room to see it for themselves.  I just couldn’t imagine wearing a ratty old hospital gown during one of the most memorable days of my life. My labor and delivery nurse was amazing and made sure it stayed in pristine condition throughout my entire labor and I am planning on wearing it during this delivery as well!

Anyway, by 12pm I was still only dilated to a 1 but the pictocin was causing me to have extremely painful contractions.  My L&D nurse, after a lot of convincing, told me I needed to get my epidural so my body would relax enough to dilate.  Say what?!?!  Wouldn’t my epidural wear off if I got it so soon?  Was I really such a weanie I had to get my epidural while I was only dilated to 1cm?

I ended up trusting her advice and allowed them to administer the epidural.  And guess what?  It worked like a charm.  Soon I was fully dilated and ready to have a baby!  After only 30 minutes of pushing I had my brand new baby in my arms.


Axton weighed 8lbs 1oz and was 21 inches long.  He had tons of long black hair (yes I had terrible heartburn and I am convinced the old wives tales are true) and he was absolutely perfect in every single way.  I remember just staring at him in disbelief that I was going to get to keep him forever.  It was a love I had never experienced and only a mother could understand.


Reflecting back on my deliver I was SO glad I didn’t let my doctor convince me to have a c-section.  I listened to my gut and stayed true to what I wanted to do.  I would have been totally fine with a c-section if that was what needed to happen once I was in labor.  I have nothing against c-sections I just personally didn’t feel comfortable electing to have one without a reason.  I also still find it funny I got my epidural when I was only dilated to a 1.  People usually giggle when I tell them that and probably secretly think I am the biggest wimp.  Oh well,  maybe I am and I don’t care.

Thinking about my delivery in a few weeks I think I might be even more nervous than before.  Maybe it’s because I know what to expect this time around.  I hope and pray my delivery experience is as amazing as it was the first time!  Whatever happens I can’t wait to see this little guy’s face.

Please don’t judge for being honest but I keep wondering if I will I love him as much as I do Axton?

Yes, I know in my heart I will, but it just seems crazy to imagine.

Will I be able to handle being a Mom of two boys?

I keep envisioning myself boarded up in my house for the next year, walking around pale-faced and lifeless, as a mother of two.  Dramatic, I know.

Whatever happens I know he will be loved and cherished and make our family complete and I can’t wait to meet him.

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